They’re as likeable in real life as their music is. If they are not blowing up your speakers then they’re blowing up your social media feed! We sat with TIBASKO and asked them to share some of the things outside of music that inspire them.

Since the release of their first EP in 2018, British duo TIBASKO has garnered support from some of the biggest names in dance music including Pete Tong, Bonobo, HAAI, and The Blessed Madonna.

‘Must Be Right’ the pair’s most recent single, sees them exploring new territory, this time drawing inspiration from breakbeat and UK garage, while still maintaining the bright, euphoric energy they have been so widely praised for.

For all of us, music is a massive part of both of our lives. However, there is more to life than studios and clubs. As a part of our Show and Tell series, we asked Petalcorin and Bowden to talk us through some of their biggest interests outside of beats and bass.

Ken: Favourite Author

When travelling, between shows, I sometimes enjoy spending my time reading literature. For as long as I can remember, Haruki Murakami has always been a standout author for me. Any book nerd would know how prolific he is as a writer.

One of my favourite books by Murakami is “A Wild Sheep Chases”, it totally takes you through a journey. It’s a quasi-detective tale that has many layers of meaning and a vibrant set of characters, reading it is like experiencing someone else’s dream. If you’re looking for really outlandish yet deep narratives, Murakami is your man.

Ken: Favoutie Food

I’m a massive foodie and I love to cook. It’s kind of perfect with the DJing lifestyle because you get to travel a lot and try loads of different types of food. Coming from the Philippines, I try to stay connected to the culture there through food.

Pork Sinigang is one of the dishes I grew up eating and I remember my mum would make this for me whenever I was ill as it’s super soul-warming and packed full of vegetables. To this day, I still make it at home whenever I can. It’s perfect for cold weather. Filipino cuisine is definitely slept on, if you’re into deep, tangy flavours, it might be one to tickle your tastebuds.

Ken: Documentary

Like most people, I like to watch a bit of Netflix at home when unwinding after a big weekend of shows. One documentary I highly recommend to people is “Weiner”, it’s super entertaining and a bit ridiculous.

It’s basically a compelling deep-dive into an American politician’s life and how he deals with a self-fulfilled scandal due to his ‘interesting’ habits. Not gonna lie, I find the whole thing pretty funny, especially his reactions in front of the camera when things take a turn for the worse. It kind of reminds me of the US Office series.

Ken: Favourite game

I’m a proper closet nerd, I’m a big fan of gaming and I’m into all the techy things like gaming PCs and more.

One of the games that I still come back to often is ‘The Witcher 3’. It’s got a vast, explorable fantasy world where you play as Geralt, a genetically mutated monster slayer. Everything about this game is amazing, from a really extensive storyline to beautiful graphics. Basically, anything with dragons and swords is totally up my street.

Andy: Sneaker Culture

Ever since I can remember, the collecting and wearing of trainers has always been a huge part of my identity. From Nike, Reebok and Adidas, to New Balance, Salomon and Converse. The thing that particularly sparks my interest in these brands is the ability for collaborations between the high street and the high end, Nike’s collaboration with Off-White pushed boundaries in terms of what a sneaker could and should be.

In particular, the trainer that stands out the most within this collaboration is the Off-White Converse Chuck Taylor. I’m fascinated by the see-through midsole and minimalist design with a more stripped-back, almost fractured style. For me, my trainers are an extension of me and allow me to express myself.

Andy: Theatre

The stage has always been in my life, from performing to watching both professional and amateur theatre productions. My earliest memories of this would be in school, performing very low-budget productions. I followed this passion into adult life casting a wide range of shows I’ve been a part of including Twelfth Night, Love’s Labours Lost and more traditional shows such as Monster, an adaptation of Frankenstein.

My favourite play I’ve been in has been a Thomas Stoppard production called Arcadia, in which I played an anti-social genius called Valentine trying to link together the past from his stately home whilst also looking into chaos theory and determinism.

Andy: Football

I’ve been a Tottenham fan since my childhood, and I’ve consistently played and watched football ever since I can remember. There’s something about the social aspect of following and supporting a team that seems so inviting to me.

I’ve always been competitive, and playing football played on that massively. Around the age of 12 or 13, I was training with Stevenage Academy and playing weekly for them against surrounding counties’ academies. I’m 28 now and play occasionally with my friends, but not nearly as much as I’d like to.

Andy: Craft Beer

One thing that goes hand in hand with Football is Beer, or more specifically craft beer and ales. This is something that is relatively new to me but something I’m heavily into at the moment. Craft beer brands such as Tiny Rebels, Mad Squirrel and Northern Monk are leading the way with their interesting and often crazy beer flavours.

A trip to one of their local breweries is amazing as they have so many flavours on offer. One day I’d love to brew my own batch of TIBASKO-inspired beers from home with some friends, not sure how it’ll come out, but the process would be fun.

Andy: Street Wear/Vintage Clothing

Fashion has always been a big part of how I express myself. I’m currently into vintage clothing picked up from charity shops or second-hand stores. There’s something about wearing clothes you know haven’t been mass-produced on a global scale that gives you a sense of individualism.

I’m also massively into my streetwear with brands like Nike, Patta, Stussy, Palace and Kith leading the way in the UK market, I’d love to incorporate TIBASKO merch into a more fully fledged clothing line one day with an emphasis on unique designs and high-quality materials being used.

Stream TIBASKO’s latest single ‘Must Be Right’ now.

Find TIBASKO on Instagram.

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20th April, 2023

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