There’s more to life than music. In our Show & Tell series, artists talk us through some of their other interests. Solo producer and one half of Bent, Neil ‘Nail’ Tolliday explains his love of space noises and guinea pigs.

NAIL Press Shot 1

NASA Voyager Space Sounds – ‘Jupiter’

These are obviously not the exact sounds you’d hear if you were stood next to Jupiter (where to start about what’s wrong with that scenario), but the electro-magnetic recordings of the magnetic field. Fascinating and terrifying in equal measure.

Guinea Pig noises

I love guinea pigs. I have two at the moment (Hilary and Belinda), but I’ve had nearly 20 at various times over the last six or seven years. I love cats as well – in fact I’m pretty soft with all animals really. I kinda prefer them to most humans.

Ren & Stimpy – ‘Insomniac Ren’

Probably my favourite cartoon series ever? I can identify with both Ren and Stimpy‘s struggles in their respective lives. I chose this episode as it’s one of the darker ones, and I’m a bit “happy helmet”-ed out.

Watoo Watoo – ‘ep1’

Along with hearing Jean-Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygène Part IV’ on the radio and the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange which my dad used to scare the shit out of me with, Watoo Watoo was also where I first developed a taste for the sound of synthetic strings through a phaser pedal. And the cartoon’s mental as well.

Brian Clough

I support Nottingham Forest and Brian Clough is a football genius. End.

Tim Vine – ‘Flag Hippo’

Hard to really explain this, just watch it. Tim Vine is a one-liner god, but this is just strange.


Nail’s U-Dubs album is out now via Bandcamp. Find him on Facebook and SoundCloud.

31st July, 2015

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