What is Blast Radio? Why should I use it? Read on to find out and enter to win a free $200 hardware device.


If you’ve not yet heard about Blast Radio – it’s a new audio platform (a free mobile app) for community-driven radio. Or to use modern vernacular it’s ‘decentralised radio.’ 

In short, anyone can now start a digital broadcast radio station. 

Radio has come a long way in the past decade. Nuts To Soup, aka NTS, have spearheaded the change by pioneering a unique platform dedicated to diversity in programming, but not everyone can have an NTS show as there are limited time slots plus a programming and curation aspect to the station.  

Blast Radio, launching just last year, is democratising the artform of radio. In turn, they’re hoping to fill the void for anyone that’s dreamed of a radio show, but maybe hasn’t risen to the ranks of something like NTS.

Even better – when you broadcast on Blast Radio, listeners hear you at 48khz (~3x the quality of “audio room” apps like Clubhouse using VoIP technology through smartphones) so you sound like a real pro. 

There are two ways to broadcast to the Blast Radio platform. 

  1. Use their propropriety hardware device, Blast Box, which puts an entire recording studio into a portable device that can fit in your pocket
  2. Use their broadcasting software – a simple DAW plugin or a lightweight desktop app (more on those below). 

Some cool benefits of the free Blast Radio platform: 

You can download & reuse broadcasts: Listeners can only hear your broadcast for 24 hours before it expires, but you can always download the lossless .wav file from your profile to use however you like.

You have total creative freedom: All broadcasts disappear after 24 hours so you’re free to be creative and not worry about the recording living on forever. Audio only platforms means no need for cameras, lighting, or looking cool.  

You can make tips: Listeners can send you Fan Mail, which is a single personalized message included with a monetary tip. You can then respond to give them a shareable asset they can save, send to friends, or post on their social channels, which brings more attention to your broadcasts.

The Blast Radio platform (download on their website)

How does Blast Box work? 

Blast Box is a portable hardware device that lets you broadcast any audio source with the press of one button.

You connect Blast Box to your audio source (a turnable, a mixer, an audio interface) with an RCA cable, then press one button on the device to live broadcast lossless audio to the Blast Radio platform.

Whether you’re doing DJ sets, talking about the weather, or connecting a guitar amp to broadcast your practice, it’s still just one button. 

Note: With a Blast Box order, you will also receive the Blast Radio DAW Plugin and the Blast Radio Desktop Broadcasting App for no additional cost.

How does the software work? 

In addition to Blast Box, you can also broadcast using Blast Radio software, which they sell for $40 (though we’ve got a 50% off discount code for you below). 

The Blast Radio DAW Plugin will appeal to producers. Just install it like any other plugin, it works with all the DAWs and you can stream what you’re making directly to the Blast Radio platform. In short, turn your studio session into a radio show.

The Blast Radio Desktop Broadcasting App works similar to the plugin, but instead of adding it to the master channel of your DAW, you open it directly and select an audio input source from your computer. For example, you can connect a USB mic or Midi device to your computer, select that device as the input source, then broadcast that audio straight to the Blast Radio platform. 

Blast Radio DAW Plugin in Ableton Live

What about Twitch?

If you’re already streaming somewhere like Twitch, that shouldn’t stop you from starting a radio show. This is a way to extend that same show into audio and reach fans when they don’t want to watch something and instead want to listen (while they’re cooking, cleaning, commuting, exercising). 

In fact, broadcasters like Houseshoes, Diligent Fingers and Record Breakin use Twitch and Blast Radio at the same time.

If you’re not streaming on video, this is an opportunity to get into the game without the pressure of being on camera or the headache of setting up a video system (camera, lighting, effects and overlays etc).

What else?

One of the reasons we support Blast Box is there are yet to be people flipping the radio industry like they are. Other than Sirius XM and NTS, broadly speaking radio has more or less remained unchanged. This is putting radio in the hands of the consumer. Quite literally.

And anyone can listen. Simply download the free Blast Radio app and you pick a broadcaster to tune into. You’ll be supporting independent radio.

Beyond that, it’s Blast Radio’s roots in electronic music that is of interest to us. Hundreds of artists, including Carl Craig, Steffi, Matthew Dear and The Juan Maclean, are all broadcasting on Blast Radio with their own shows either pre-recorded or streamed from a show/booth.

Lastly, uncompressed audio might not matter to the non-discerning type but it does to us. Using Blast Box you can stream uncompressed audio to the Blast Radio platform at a 16-bit 48kHz sample rate via Wi-Fi.


For your chance to win a FREE Blast Box worth $200 follow these steps: 

Step 1: 

Download the Blast Radio mobile app (iOS and Android). Use either the button below or the QR code: 

Step 2:

Make a profile on Blast Radio on the mobile app.

Step 3: 

Let us know your username using the form below.


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    This contest will run for 2 weeks (ending June 1, 2022). If you can’t wait that long to see if you’ve won, you can start your show today by ordering the Blast Radio DAW Plugin or Desktop Broadcasting App for 50% off ($20 vs $40) using the code ATTACKMAG50 at checkout. 

    Act now, the code also expires on June 1. 

    That’s it! Good luck! 


    Standard prize draw terms and conditions apply.

    • Our competitions are open to anyone from around the world.
    • The competition closes on June 1st at midnight GMT.
    • No purchase is necessary to win.
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      We may occasionally ask for a picture before the prize is sent out as recently we have had many winners forgetting to send us picture.
    • If the winner refuses to provide a photo their claim will be void and another winner will be selected.
    • Winners will be announced on the Attack Magazine website or social media channels.
    • Winners must claim their prize within set time limits, within 48 hours after the winner is announced on social media and Attack Magazine.
    • Blast Box will offer free delivery to all US based winners. If the winners are located outside the US standard delivery charges will apply. All delivery charges must be paid before the prize is despatched.
    • If the competition allows you to select a prize of your choice please allow 21 days for delivery
    • We are a UK based company so all timings are at UK time.
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    12th May, 2022

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