Change the Record is the inaugural podcast from Attack Magazine, hosted by Clara Löffler. Over the course of six episodes, we’re going to bring you the stories that we hope open your eyes to what you can achieve when people work together to “Change the Record“.

We’re delighted to announce Episode 1: Future Female Sounds, in our inaugural podcast: Change the Record, is now available.

Our host, Clara Löffler, will be talking to various people who are trying to challenge social issues within electronic music. As an aspiring music journalist and reporter, she has been moved to investigate all the positive and progressive changes taking hold recently.

The idea to develop the podcast series came earlier this year after our managing editor, Eric Brünjes, commissioned Clara, to report how the Dutch dance music industry intends to develop and reform after the Covid-19 pandemic.

In our discussions around the research for that piece, we touched upon various mutual interests that we wanted to delve further into and over the course of the 6-part series, you can expect deep dives, with notable artist contributors, on topics including:

  • Addressing mental health issues for producers/ DJs
  • How gentrification is affecting the clubland ecosystem
  • Racism in electronic music
  • The unsustainable business models behind festivals
  • Acid House during Thatcherism
  • How techno brought East and West Germany together

Listen to Episode 1

EP1: Future Female Sounds

Episode Length: 10 mins


While the majority of nightclubs in Europe have been closed for 12 months and most festivals have had to be cancelled, the Copenhagen-based non-profit organisation Future Female Sounds are preparing to empower the next generation of female artists – with the first-ever European Female DJ Summit in June. 

In this episode, founder Tia Korpe and DJ instructor Aviaja Larsen talk about their own experiences with sexism in the music industry as well as what their goal is with the Summit.

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2nd April, 2021

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