The Turbo Recordings producer shows off his Montreal studio, giving us an insight into his creative process and also explaining why TR-808 samples can never measure up to the real thing.

Mike Mind’s Aether EP is out now on Turbo. Find him on Facebook and SoundCloud.

15th October, 2013


  • What about that cat?!

  • Great article. 🙂

  • That was a great read.

    Do you know if each of the channels from the mixing desk is hooked up to a multi-input soundcard? Is that how it is usually done? At the minute I have my hardware all running into a soundcard, but would ideally like to be able to EQ on a desk before recording. Just trying to figure the best way.

  • Awesome read! I am really inspired by the the furniture he built – any chance on getting some specs on the two side standing shelves? I wanna build something just like that!

  • Wow – brilliant design around that window. Ditto what Travis said about the shelves for his gear. I need to build something like that (like.. today!)

    Travis, it looks like he used a simple 2×4 design.. very simple but very cheap and efficient


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