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Techno talent BEC has just dropped her ‘Psilocybin Therapy’ EP on  Monika Kruse’s Terminal M, including an Egbert remix. We asked her to show us around her studio.

I’m lucky enough to be a resident at Riverside Studios Berlin, an underground complex of music studios on the river Spree. There’s an incredibly diverse mix of other residents, creating lots of different kinds of music. From hip-hop, pop, music for video games & VR right through to all kinds of electronic music, including heavy techno. I’m always so inspired by the community there, so many great pairs of ears. If something is not quite sitting right in the mix, or I just need a general motivational chat, there’s always someone there to share that with. I was making beats in my bedroom at home until I got a serious noise complaint from my neighbour (understandably) so I moved to Riverside and haven’t looked back since. 

BEC’s ‘Psilocybin Therapy‘ EP is available now.

15th February, 2021

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