No 19 Music’s ‘electric blue etheric tornado of energy’ introduces himself and explains what his music’s all about. Kind of.

Who are you?

My Body is called Derrick Boyd. My Spirit name is Ptah Amen. My moniker is Tone Of Arc AKA Dead Seal. I’m an electric blue etheric tornado of energy from the brightest star to the left of Orion’s Belt called Sirius A/B. It twinkles blue and red in our sky. It’s a sixth dimensional place where the Ancient Egyptians came from. You know, the giant ones with massive heads. My wife is Zoe Presnick. She turns into a black three headed lion. She’s crazy too.

What do you sound like?

We sound like the laws of creation. The Tone of the Arc. Like all things in the universe crashing together, disappearing in black holes, devouring galaxies and massive explosions creating life and death. But you know they say there is no sound in space. That is not true because sound exists on many dimensional frequencies. Music is a collective consciousness. We feed this by creating, being inspired or it is channeled though us. Our spirits and bodies receive it like radios. We don’t claim our music is 100% ours because a lot of the time I don’t know where it came from or what I am doing or what it is. It just happens naturally without thought. Unless we are going for a cover. Totally different ball game there.

Why should we listen to you?

I prefer you don’t. I’m never into things that people hear too much of or give too much hype. Take it easy. Take your time with it. Really I want you to listen but I don’t need the distraction of judgement from other people. Negative or positive. It slows my productivity and focus. Especially if people say negative things about it. I’m sensitive. A few years ago I sent my music to a few of my favorite labels. In short they told me to never send them my music again. There are better ways to say, “No thanks, buddy. Good luck!” You know, it’s just best to be a leader by example for the collective of music to promote forward creativity.

What have you released so far?

Not much. Im just warming up. I have made over 250 songs. Although I have lost many due to computers frying, most are in my archives known as the Dead Seal Scrolls. I bury my treasures like a greedy pirate. I don’t even listen to them. I keep them in the basement with a big smelly dragon that sits on them. I feed her unfinished tunes so she is fat and hard to move. I forget that I make songs all the time. It’s weird. One day I’ll go through very old files and find a bomb just collecting dust. Kinda lazy and selfish but after years it’s the lack of interest from closed-off friends and labels which have caused the release of very little. It’s the process that I live for. I love making music more than anything.

What song sums you up?

My mind is having a melt down. Error… Error… For some reason my mind doesn’t retain names as well as spiritual knowledge, tones and actual experiences, so for me to answer that I would have to fart, belch, sneeze, hiccup, and have my ears pop to fix the glitch. Some people are so good at remembering every artist, song or the lyrics. I try and I forget. I make music more than I listen to it and it’s always been that way. Left brain is toast. It will come to me in three days I’m sure. I feel a fiblitchcapop coming.

What or who is your biggest influence and why?

I am inspired by the thought of seeing myself in the future. My imagination is my source of inspiration. A song or artist will strike a nerve at times but not as much as from within. Some times I’ll get into a channeling-like act of inspiration and it ends up sounding like Bowie or The Clash but really I’m just imagining being able to share the art with my best friends. I get so inspired by so many things that the list would create a cosmic orgasm.

Where can we hear your music?

In the nearest future you may hear it live on stage if you want. You are the creator of your reality. Get creative. We will wear costumes if you would like us to. Don’t skimp out on your reality. I suggest live performances over anything. It feels like you are really alive, ya know?

Where will you be in five years’ time?

I will be performing for millions of people, still traveling the world with several musicians and my wife. I’ve seen it in a vision quest. I cried so hard in tears of joy when I was using this ability. This was no ego fortune trip. The future is bright, my friend.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

Oh man. Well with all the interviews of late it seems I am spilling all my magical beans. For this I will give you something special and really secret. I used to have enormous ballz, BUT they were a mess so I had a sex change and prefer to be lesbian now. You may call me Cassandra.



‘Goodbye Horses’ is out now on No 19 Music. Find Tone of Arc on Facebook and SoundCloud.

24th October, 2012


  • Holy shit, this guy sounds insane! Good track though…

  • Words of mad genius. Thank you Cassandra.

  • These are by far the worst kind of interviews. No direct messages just a bunch of nonsense. I guess your trying to let the music speak for itself which is cool, but its nice to read a good interview once in a while.

  • I got to talk to tone of arc in chicago at smartbar and he was very friendly and cool. Only a hand full of headz showed up and he still played one of the best shows I have ever heard.


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