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Recorded at this year’s London Electronic Music Event, Greymatter and Mr Beatnick discuss the art of sampling.

This year’s London Electronic Music Event featured more than 40 sessions on every subject from creativity to social media, production tips to Theo Parrish’s advice on talking to babies.

Over the course of the next few months we’ll be bringing you videos of some of the best sessions from the weekend. We start with The Art of Sampling, in which Mr Beatnick of Don’t Be Afraid and Greymatter of Wolf Music discuss their own approaches to using samples in their work and demonstrate some of the techniques they use.

You can watch the full session below.

27th June, 2014

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  • Very cool piece, so does Mr Beatnick do all is beats on an MPC 2000 straight from the stereo outs, no mixdown?

  • Hey boxjones – nope, I use a lot of different drum machines, hardware and outboard. The MPC does play an important part though and when I use it I go stereo out into the mixing desk.

  • Hey Mr Beatnick, I feel you on how hard it is to show people the creative process on older gear. It may look boring from the outside but its so much more fun to me to have tactile tools like drum machines and synthesizers even if there is menu diving and patience required.

  • This site is fucking awesome!

  • Mr Beatnick, sick, so your essentialy doing MPC mixdown internally, the out to the desk ?

    intresting, i’ve been sniping for the 8 outs for months, perhaps i’ll give up 🙂

    nice to see a taste of your worklfow, loving your human quintize settings!


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