Beat Slicing in Logic

Chopping up a drum loop opens up a whole new world of beat making potential. Here we use Logic’s Slice tool to cut a loop up into its constituent hits and convert it into and ESX24 instrument to create a whole new groove.

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  • razor-wobble Wrote:

    Spot on tutorial with fantastic beats and results. That’s how it’s done BOH!

  • Matt Wrote:

    Really Good And Quick Tutorial!

  • EM DF Wrote:

    When adjusting the size of the region, I sometimes find it impossible to remove the click. I know there is a fade out and fade in function in the sample editor but am not sure how to adjust the length of either. Any tips?

  • EM DF Wrote:

    I just tried selecting the area where the click occurs and reducing the volume via the “change gain” function, which seemed to work.

  • David Felton Wrote:

    @EM DF – You’re best off using the region parameters on the left side to introduce a very slight (non destructive) fade (out) to get rid of the click.