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Mathew Jonson

Ahead of his appearance at Cocoon London at Building Six on the 30th of November, we take a look at the hardware fanatic’s stunning Berlin studio.

The tenth anniversary remaster of ‘Typerope’ is out now on 180g vinyl on Itiswhatitis Recordings. Find Mathew on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

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  • eemme Wrote:

    Awesome synths. That’s not Krishna by the way, it’s Shiva Nataraja.

  • Attack Wrote:

    Thanks for the correction, eemme. We’ve edited on Mathew’s behalf.

  • eemme Wrote:

    No problem, guys. Thank you for all the site’s content :)

  • cinthie Wrote:

    really nice studio indeed. so sad to hear, his old one got knocked down. this is unfortunately happening to a lot of spaces in Berlin. we are also fighting for ours ( home of Gebrüder Teichmann, Redhead, DVS1, Fachwerk, Ben Klock, Dustin Zahn, Click Click, Channel X, Beste Modus,… etc ) . keep your fingers crossed!

  • Nicolas Wrote:

    Very nice setup. I wish I also had one “dinsync” side and a “MIDI” side in my studio.

  • Mathew Jonson Wrote:

    Interestingly enough I was actually given Shiva Nataraja as a present by a friend from India. I guess they were a bit mixed up when they presented it too me. No disrespect intended of course :) xx mathew jonson

  • Mihnea Wrote:

    wow very nice studio :X love it

  • Craig Wrote:

    some monies worth there where they get all the cash from to buy so much gear analog stuff is so expensive as there’s not much money in the music biz as an artist these days?

  • Sven Torpedo Wrote:

    So is that my old 303 Matt? I miss it from time to time.

  • ross_two Wrote:

    Top man, thanks for sharing :-)

  • Ronnie_Pudding Wrote:

    What is your address and when are you going on vacation? 😉

  • eric Wrote:

    cinthie, do you have any pictures of this studio?

  • Fabricio Wrote:

    I love these features. Keep them coming. :)

  • marco Wrote:

    Amazin studio, what sinth has been used for “Decompression” top track btw!?

    very curious about iT!
    chers up!

  • Simon Stokes Wrote:

    Beautiful setup. Is that a pair of Adam A77x monitors? I was thinking about a pair of these with a Sub 10 and this my tip me over the edge..

  • Mathew Jonson Wrote:

    Monitors are S3A Adam
    Decompression was made with SH-101 Bass, JX3P Pads, MC-202 Blips.

  • Simon Stokes Wrote:

    Ahh, that just nudges it out of my price range! Love your music man, the set at ADE with Minilogue was incredible – you know how to use your toys too..

  • Johnny S Wrote:

    Easy MJ, I noticed you used the MFB 522 & machinedrum for a Boiler Room set. I was wondering how you route everything and if you use compression or limiting etc to polish up the sound during live shows?

  • Mathew Jonson Wrote:

    I sequence the MFB with the Machinedrum. I don’t use compressors for the live set other than what is on the master buss FOH.

  • Jan Wrote:

    What happened with the yamaha cs 20m and cs 15?

  • Johnny S Wrote:

    Thanks MJ

  • Mijk van Dijk Wrote:

    Such a beautiful workspace, Mathew.
    The only computer I see there is a closed laptop next to the Prophet V.
    Do you use it for sequencing as well or just for recording the analogue signals?
    Tracks, stems or stereo master buss?

  • Ahmad Jafar Wrote:

    Beautiful studio. The P5 … you use it with CV or did you get the MIDI retrofitted to it?

    I’ve seen quite some producers put notes on tape across their fender’s or bigger synths …. what’s it for? keeping permanent notes or ??

  • Joël Wrote:

    Hi Mathew. What is the din-sync’s stand? A Jaspers?

    Nice setup! :)

  • Mathew Jonson Wrote:

    P5 is a rev 3.3 so comes with midi but minus the SSM chips of the rev 2’s. The tape is just off the desk from the last Cobblestone Jazz session in my previous studio. Just for memories really 😉

    The stands are both Jasper’s.

  • Mathew Jonson Wrote:

    The computer is for sequencing and recording audio via the metric halo mio software.

  • C.S. Wrote:

    Video in M.J.’s studio – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEpDnvNl8l8

  • Datengeist Wrote:

    And this is the Bonus Part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mgHtHRmiRg

  • Datengeist Wrote:

    Here is the “Against the Clock” Episode from Fact TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xepdHwUvC3E

  • Carlinos Wrote:

    Hi Matthew , could you please explain to me how do you have all those synths fx and everything you have hooked up , I mean do you have a patch panel , do they all go straight into The mixer , that’s my main issue !!! And it seems like you have figured out a very neat way!!! Oh , also you are awesome in a I have a crash on you way !!!! Hahahah

  • themanwhoknows Wrote:

    Craig> They are all rich kids at the end of the day..