Sensel Morph

$299 + $35 overlay

The Sensel Morph is without doubt the most unusual option on our list. Initially appearing as a Kickstarter project back in 2015, receiving overwhelming support to the tune of $442,648, the Morph has now gone into full production.

It’s a keyboard unlike any other here, largely because it’s not just a keyboard. The unique thing about the Morph setup is that the pressure-sensitive, multi-touch technology at its heart can be adapted to a number of uses courtesy of overlays which allow it to morph (hence the name) into controllers for tasks like video editing, gaming and drawing. For music, the main choices are a generic “music production” option (pads, ribbon strips, etc), a drum pad overlay and the piano-style keyboard (you can buy the whole lot in the form of the Music Maker’s Bundle).

It’s the keyboard we’re most interested in here, and the result is a highly expressive controller thanks to the Morph’s ability to track multiple movements and pressure changes for each finger.

In practice it’s actually a little like a hybrid of two of our other selections here, combining a slim, stylish and low-profile design of the CME XKey with the multi-expressive approach of the Roli Seaboard. Definitely a forward-thinking design and a neat option even as a second controller alongside a larger keyboard.

27th July, 2018

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