Korg nanoKEY Studio



There are a few decent options if you’re looking for a micro-sized controller, but Korg’s nanoKEY Studio is definitely one of the best all-rounders. While it’s inevitable that you sacrifice the feel of a ‘proper’ keyboard when you go this small, the nanoKEY fits the brief perfectly for an affordable, portable option with a little bit of everything.

The two-octave keyboard covers the lion’s share of the surface area, but the nanoKEY also offers eight rotary controllers, a KAOSS-style XY touchpad and a small bank of eight pads. More impressively, there’s a real depth to the keyboard options thanks largely to the built-in arpeggiator.

Seeing as it’s capable of running on batteries and communicating via Bluetooth, the nanoKEY is one of the best portable options around. That also makes it ideal for use with iOS devices, without the need for a wired adaptor; it’s perfect with all Korg’s own apps, of course, but also compatible with third-party music apps. The Studio is a true mobile all-rounder.

27th July, 2018

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