Processing Berghain Kicks With Multiband Distortion

We show you how to apply multiband distortion to Berghain-style kicks.

Joey Beltram – ‘Energy Flash’

We deconstruct the arrangement of Joey Beltram’s smouldering techno classic, ‘Energy Flash’.

Waves Wants StudioRack To Be Your Go-To Plugin Chainer

Waves’ free StudioRack plugin lets you chain plugins.

Jayne Stynes

Jayne Stynes has worked with Gorillaz, Roisin Murphy and Kano and is currently General Manager of industry body the Music…

Kilohearts Phase Plant

Kilohearts Phase Plant combines wavetable synthesis with samples and virtual analogue.

MixCloud – The Business of Music

It takes a lot to make a company successful in the music industry. In part three of our series – The…

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From Chicago to the world, Adonis was just 19 years old when he crafted this huge Trax label hit "No Way Back" in. In this poster, artist Rob Ricketts has designed the famous pattern to "No Way Back" so you can now get the claps, clav and cowbell just right!


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The pocket-sized EvermixBox4 plugs into the back of your mixer and into your iPhone / iPad / Android smartphone, where the Evermix App allows you to record the set in super high quality. After your set, share to Mixcloud + Soundcloud or save to cloud storage locations such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive.


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Understanding Diva’s Different Oscillators, Filters and Envelopes

Diva is fairly complex in its modular architecture. In this tutorial we show you how to get the most out…

AFRORACK: Bringing Modular Thinking to Black and Brown Youth

After his father passed away, Chicago resident Aaron Guice turned his attention towards helping black and brown youths without the…

Mike Huckaby Has Died

The Detroit DJ, producer, artist, label boss and music educator Mike Huckaby passed away on Friday.…

AudioActive: Engagement Manager & Music Practitioner

AudioActive are a UK music charity who work with young people. They see music as “an end in itself as…

Local Dialect

Queen’s representatives, Local Dialect, like to characterize their Moog Voyager “as an old man smoking a pipe in a…

Roland TB-303: Not a Real Bass Guitar

In the latest instalment of Hardware Focus, we take a look at a cult classic: the Roland TB-303. A…

Waves Ovox Vocal ReSynthesis

This plugin from Waves wants to be your go-to vocal processor. Is it more than just another vocoder?…

Book Smarts: We Pick Our Favourite Dance / Electronic Music Books

If you’ve got a bit of time at the moment there are some superb DJing and dance/electronic music…

Streaming Won’t Kill DJing, But It Might Just Create DJ Ghosts

Harold Heath makes the case that “streaming won’t kill the DJ star”.…

Skee Mask

In this latest Beat Dissected, we’re going to create a beat inspired by Skee Mask.…

Free Software Recreates MPC2000XL

The vMPC2000XL Emulator has the look of the original and is available as a standalone application or as a VST2…

Mixcloud Announce New Live Streaming Platform

Streaming service Mixcloud has released its new platform early due to the Corona pandemic. …

Breaking Down the Strings and Arpeggios of Black Water by Octave One

In our latest Passing Notes feature, we take a better look at the theory and arrangement behind Black Water by…

Joy Orbison

In this latest Beat Dissected, we’re going to create a beat inspired by the percussion-heavy techno of Joy…

Ponty Mython

Russian recording artist Ponty Mython has released his idiosyncratic take on house music on labels like Tusk Wax, Dirt Crew…

Larry Sherman of Trax Records Dies of Heart Failure

Larry Sherman’s pioneering label released seminal house records like ‘Can U Feel It’, ‘Move Your Body (The House Music…

Octave One

After a little over thirty years in the game, isn’t it time the Burden brothers take a break? With…

Back To The Old School, Again (Pt 2)

Following on from part-one of our ‘Back To The Old School, Again’ article, we thought it would be interesting…

Ross from Friends Releases Max For Live Device

The lo-fi hero made the announcement on Twitter this morning that his debut Max For Live device is now…

Fatboy Slim Is Organising a Free Concert for NHS Staff

Norman Cook is planning to throw the party for NHS and frontline staff in Brighton in October. …

Blond:Ish: People, just do something

We spoke to Blond:Ish on accidental activism and hope in the age of hypocrisy.…

Roland MC-101

With the exception of the SE-02 synth, a collaboration with Studio Electronics, Roland has stubbornly doubled down on the…

Trial Abbey Road Studio 3 for an extended 90 days demo period

With Abbey Road temporarily closed for the first time in its history due to COVID-19, and with most of…

Daniel Dejman

Daniel Dejman put out his ‘STTÆB’ EP on his Slow Dancing To Techno imprint last month, so we thought…

Sulta Synths: Layered Melodic Leads

Synth Secrets is a series of programming tutorials in which we show how to make a range of classic and…

Empress Effects – ZOIA 

Empress Effects is a renowned effects pedal maker. But with ZOIA, Empress attempts to combine instrumental effects with modular hardware…

Rekordbox 6.0 Includes Cloud Library Management

Pioneer DJ have launched Rekordbox 6.0 which allows users to sync multiple devices and manage their music via the…

Sofa Synthesis: Superbooth20

With Covid-19 forcing the real event to be postponed you can still enjoy all the beeps, squeaks, demos and…

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams

“Often late at night, after listening to the same segment of a track for hours on end, we find ourselves…

2020 Manifesto

With all the recent talk of political manifestos, we got to thinking about what an ideal dance music scene might…

March’s Best Music

Here’s our round-up of the very best electronic music released in March.…

Thomas Barnett

Detroit producer and DJ Thomas Barnet releases his ‘Low Tech Funk’ collaboration EP with  Ecilo this month. In the…

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