Waves has announced their latest plugin Vocal Bender, a zero-latency pitch and formant shifter that lets you manipulate vocals with real-time modulation.

Over the past 12 months, Waves have performed strongly in the vocal plugin market with OVox being an impressive announcement at last years’ NAMM.

Following on from that, Waves bring us Vocal Bender. With the marketing copy focused on hip-hop, RnB and pop it feels overlooked as a potentially great choice for Drexciya / Juan Atkins vibe electro!

With Waves’ Vocal Bender plugin, you can now manipulate your vocals in real time. With zero latency and two simple Pitch and Formant controls, it’s straightforward to track, mix and perform hit-sounding pitch-shifted vocals, instantly.  

Watch the introduction video

Fans of Travis Scott’s deep-voiced ad-libs, Billie Eilish-style vocal doubles, Frank Ocean-style pitch-and formant-shifted lead vocals, or the high-pitched vocal topline in every EDM drop will likely find it an exciting proposition and it offers a viable alternative to Soundtoys Alter Boy.

Watch the Vocal Bender in action:

Waves Vocal Bender features

  • Real-time monophonic voice manipulation plugin
  • Easy vocal pitch shifting and formant control
  • The most popular vocal sounds in hip-hop, pop, EDM, R&B
  • LFO, SEQ, Amplitude and Pitch modulators for deeper musical effects: Vibrato, pitch drops, sequenced pitching, more
  • “Flatten” feature for robotic vocals
  • Mix knob for blending harmonies and doubles on inserts
  • Zero-latency for studio recording and live performance 

In a statement from the company they said:

“Waves created this tool for musicians and producers to get your ideas down quickly, saving precious time when working creatively. It allows you to track through the plugin, so you can hear the pitch and formant effects on your voice as you track.

You can even use Vocal Bender in live performances: pull it up on your live DAW session and manipulate your live vocal sound, without latency. In addition to the main Pitch and Formant controls, the plugin also has a “Flatten” feature to lock into a single pitch and sound robotic.

You can also open up Vocal Bender’s trunk to access four extra modulators, including LFO and sequencing. With a few clicks you’ll add vibrato, pitch drops, sequenced pitching, and more. The modulators bring more musicality and movement to your sound, and help you differentiate your style”

Waves Vocal Bender is out now.

Pricing: On offer at $34.99.

Vocal Bender is included in Waves’ Mercury, Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show bundles.

Visit Waves for more information.

18th February, 2021

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