The DDJ-SB3-S features silver-coloured aluminium jog wheels with a matching body and it will only be available in specific regions.

Pioneer DJ and Serato DJ solidified their partnership with the DDJ-SB3 when it was released back in March 2018. The prior DDJ-SB2 was their most popular controller at the time, even before the SB3 was rolled out. With a remarkable presence in DJ booths around the world, Pioneer have been able to grab a wide section of the market, thanks in part to the beginner-oriented nature of its collaboration with Serato. 

Pioneer DDJ-SB3

The new DDJ-SB3-S is a limited edition version of the acclaimed original. All of the features are the same except for the S model’s silver finish, with the body matching the aluminium jog wheels. Features include 128mm jog wheels, high- and lowpass filters, plus scratching and looping functionality.

As with the original SB3, plugging the unit into your computer is enough to unlock Serato DJ Lite, with the controller also supporting Serato DJ Pro. It also retains the same effects, which include DJ Jazzy Jeff-style scratching functionality. 

Pioneer DDJ-SB3
The Original DDJ-SB3

The DDJ-SB3-S has the same $250 price tag as the SB3, but will only be available in retail stores in the Asia Pacific, Americas and Latin Americas regions. It will not be sold in the EMEA regions.

Head to Pioneer for more information.

Author Aykan Esen
30th July, 2020

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