Native Instruments’ forthcoming update to Komplete includes an all-new MIDI controller keyboard designed for smooth integration with all of the instruments in the suite.


As with previous Komplete upgrades, there are tweaks in a variety of areas this time around. The big news on the software side is the introduction of three new Reaktor-based instruments – Rounds, Kontour and Polyplex – and a new multi-sampled piano pack for Kontakt.

Rounds is a sequence synthesiser with dual analogue and digital sound engines. Kontour is a phase modulation synth with motion recording options for modulation. Polyplex is a drum layering instrument with very interesting randomisation options. The Definitive Piano Collection includes huge multi-sample libraries of three pianos, nicknamed the Gentleman, the Grandeur and the Maverick.

But the biggest news of all is the introduction of the Kontrol S keyboard range. Available in 25-, 49- or 61-key variants, the Kontrol S is a controller designed to integrate with Komplete’s options and workflow. Komplete 10 can run through the Komplete Kontrol software shell, unifying the browsing framework across all of the instruments and enabling automatic parameter mapping. All three sizes feature identical feature sets – the only difference is the number of keys.

In addition to the obvious keyboard and rotary control options, the Kontrol S has some really interesting features. The traditional pitch and mod wheels are replaced by two multi-touch ribbon controllers which can be assigned to parameters and offer physics-based modulation options. There are also powerful built-in arp, scale and chord features which combine with the Light Guide system of multi-coloured LEDs above each key to give visual feedback during performance.

We had the opportunity to check out Komplete 10 and the Kontrol S range a couple of weeks ago and we were very impressed with the seamless integration of features. Full review to follow soon.

Komplete 10 and the Komplete Kontrol S series keyboards will go on sale on October 1st. Full specs and prices are available at NI’s site.

2nd September, 2014


  • Visually they have a bit of a Casiotone or Portasound vibe – not really what you want to see when you drop a hefty £600+ on the 61 key. 🙂 The depth of integration looks like it will be incredible for workflow – interested to see how you deal with mapping non NI plugins – would be really nice to be able to store templates for non NI plugs. Love the ribbon based mod and pitch controllers straight out of the Livid Instruments playbook. Can well understand why they left of the drum pads to avoid Maschine conflict > but no sliders at this price point is not great. Not a clear cut choice for me but will definitely be checking out the first batch when they hit the dealers

  • They have some of the worst names for their products:


    ‘Rad’ names guys!!! So ‘kool’!!!!

  • It’s German @davis

  • Maschine and Traktor is German but Komplete does not exist as such, it seems so be a mixture English and German.

    The new controllers are not that spectacular and way to pricey for what they can do.


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