Why tracks don’t fade out any more. Free chorus effect from Legowelt. NI update Maschine and Komplete Kontrol.

Life’s a stream. Music Business Worldwide look into the world of streaming services like Spotify in the wake of three major labels releasing half-year income results. Read the detailed analysis here.

Free smack. The inimitable synth wizard and software programmer Legowelt has released a plugin for Abelton called Smackos Caramel Chorus Drive that adds dreamlike effects to your sounds. Get it here.

Hard on. Native Instruments have announced the next gen of their Maschine and Komplete Kontrol hardware. The Maschine has been hugely improved with two new high-res colour screens, more dedicated function buttons, bigger and more responsive pads and a built-in audio interface. The KKS also has new function buttons and enhanced DAW integration. Get the full lowdown here.

The end. Slate look into the modern trend of songs finishing with a cold stop rather than a long, slow fade, and have various theories about why. Read them here.

8th September, 2017

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