Legowelt talks synths. Musicians study wellbeing. Article 13 showdown. Superbooth returns.

FabFilter. FabFilter has announced an update to its Pro-Q equalizer plugin with FabFilter Pro-Q 3. There are a bunch of solid features, but a few key include dynamic EQ options for every band, new types of filters, a mastering-grade EQ plug-in for enhanced sound quality, efficient processing and low memory usage, and a powerful real-time spectrum analyzer. We’ll get a full review completed shortly but you can read more here.

Rebekah’s live setup. After she was inundated with questions about her new live show, which she debuted at this year’s ADE, the UK’s Rebekah provides clear tips to XLR8R on what any artist needs to know before embarking on their own live setup for the first time. With advice like “processed kicks will be better when playing before or after DJs,” it’s everything she wished she’d known before her journey into live. Get schooled here.

Musicians studying wellbeing. As mental health concerns continue rising amongst higher education, The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester is helping its students deal with the added pressures of a career in music with a health and wellbeing lecturer, starting in January. The music college is the first to do so, and will also offer extra counselling sessions and wellbeing activities like yoga to help prevent injury, especially around high-stress performance times. Read more here.


The death of YouTube? The debate around Article 13 continues to rage. YouTube claims the European Copyright Directive will have a devastating effect on user-upload services like itself by holding it legally liable for all uploaded copyright-infringing content. Music business lobbyists, on the other hand, say that’s nothing more than “carpet-bombing propaganda” and “fact-free fear-mongering.” Who’s right? As MBW points out, the whole article is only 240 words long, so read it for yourself and decide here.

Hooray for vinyl. After 20 years without, Chicago has opened a vinyl pressing plant called ‘Smashed Plastic’. Based in the former Hammand organ factory, their first order is a 12-inch by Chicago soul combo the Right Now, a release planned for January from boogie fiends Star Creature Universal Vibrations. You can read the full backstory on the Chicago Reader.

Legowelt’s synths. German synth guru Legoweltgives Magnetic Mag a tour of his extensive collection—though he insists he’s “not a collector”—and talks about his obscure JVC KB700, his Jupiter 8, and the Star Shepherd, which Legowelt built himself out of old guitar pedals, FX and EQ boxes, a small AM radio, and a 1981 Casio 403 keyboard. Watch him demo the Star Shepherd below.

Mixcloud and Merlin. Following similar deals with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, Mixcloud has signed a multi-year direct licensing agreement with Merlin, the global digital rights agency for independent labels. Hosting independent labels like Ninja Tune, Cómeme and Hospital Records, Mixcloud boasts 15 million radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts. Both companies hope the agreement will help build what Mixcloud co-founder Nico Perez calls a “sustainable ecosystem for audio culture.” Read more.

Print your own player. In what’s being called a “world’s first,” Swiss company Lenco has created a 3D printed record player. Dubbed the Lenco-MD, the award-winning product is available in multiple colours, and made of interchangeable parts from mostly renewable resources. If one part breaks, you can simply print another at little cost to the environment. Though if you want to see the Lenco-MD created en masse, you’ll have to donate to Lenco’s Kickstarter here.

Superbooth 2019. Early-birdtickets are on sale now for Berlin’s Superbooth 2019, available at a special discounted price until the end of December. The international trade fair for electronic musical instruments, which expects 8,000 guests and 250 exhibitors from around the world, will be held from May 9-11 at FEZ Berlin, in tandem with daily concerts, workshops and presentations. Get tickets here.

Luftrum 19. A sonic collaboration between Stephan Baer and Luftrum as resulted in the new 128-patch collection for u-He’s Repro-5 called Luftrum 19, with sounds partly inspired by modern composer Wojciech Golczewsk and ambient cinematic scores from sci-films like Interstellar, Gravity, and Blade Runner, and also by vintage analog and digital synths—think ‘80s albums by Vince Clarke, Enya and Vangelis. Buy it here, and listen to a sampling below.

30th November, 2018

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