RIP Marcus Intalex. Korg release free version of Gadget for Mac. Exploring the worrying trend of white producers pretending to be black.

RIP. The dance world came together to breathe a collective sigh of loss following the death of drum and bass innovator and sometime techno producer Marcus Intalex aka Trevino this week. A single has been put out by DRS & LSB with donations for it going to Marcus’s family. Check here.

“Give it up for DJ Blackface!” NPR’s latest Code Switch podcast finds them investigating the increasingly worrying trend of white European producers attempting to pass themselves off as black Americans. Listen to it, with contributions from Ron Trent, above.

Free! If you thought Korg’s Gadget for Mac was nicey but pricey, you’re in luck: it’s been stripped down to a ‘lite version’ with MIDI support. Check it out here.

Up all night? California’s Senate has approved a later 4am alcohol curfew that could change the clubbing landscape in the city. It still has a way to go to before being finalised, but read more about it here.

Summer sale. Native Instruments are appealing to new and existing customers alike with special deals on a range of hardware and software bundles until July 2nd. Get the deets here.

2nd June, 2017

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