The NAMM show in Anaheim, California is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year for new product releases. In this rolling report we’ll be picking out the most interesting new releases for dance producers.

New products unveiled at this year’s NAMM include the Moog Sub 37 synth and the all-new Analog Rytm drum machine from Elektron. Elsewhere Waldorf has released a standalone analogue filter, Korg surprised us with a limited-edition full-size MS-20 Kit and Arturia dropped a very cool MIDI/CV controller/sequencer.


Moog Sub 37

Moog has introduced the Sub 37, a new synth which slots in roughly where the Little Phatty sat in the range until it was discontinued last year. Based on the Sub Phatty synth circuits but featuring a larger 37-note keyboard, the most interesting feature to note is that the Sub 37 employs a paraphonic synth architecture (that is, not fully polyphonic but capable of playing two notes simultaneously through a single filter). Discounting the Animoog app, all Moog’s synths since the company’s rebirth in 2002 have been monophonic. The Sub 37 will retail for $1,579.

There’s also a new, more affordable theremin on the way: the Theremini, priced at $319.

Elektron Analog Rytm

Following the teaser video earlier this week, Elektron has unveiled what a lot of us expected: a new drum machine. The Analog Rytm is an 8-voice analogue machine with sample support plus built-in delay, reverb, compression and distortion. “Distinguished by the power of analog drum sounds fused with samples. Perfected by the immediacy of drum pads coupled with Elektron sequencing.” Looks like a very strong rival to the DSI Tempest.

Genelec 8010

Genelec has introduced a new addition to the ever-popular 8000-series range. The 8010 has been designed with portability in mind, standing under 20cm tall and weighing in at 1.5kg each. The main design objective seems to be to offer the characteristic 8000-series sound in a design small enough to be taken anywhere: a high quality reference which can be taken along when working in an unfamiliar studio or on the road. As you’d expect, the bass extension isn’t great (the -2.5dB point is at 74Hz) but it’s still surprisingly respectable. RRP is £498 per pair (significantly less than the slightly larger 8020C, which has a current street price around £650 a pair).

24th January, 2014

  • Chris

    Not to mention a new Elektron drum machine and Nord virtual analogue synthesiser as well. Korg seem to have been quiet though, so I hope they have something up their sleeve as well.

  • Steve

    Korg have an Ikea inspired MS20 DIY kit.

  • Audiofanzine
  • Roy

    I would love Roland to re-release a TB-303 inspired piece of hardware. Analog or digital, preferably analog.

  • Rob

    The Roland releases will almost assurely be digital. They don’t release anything but digital.

  • Rob

    I personally don’t understand the Nord A1 release. It comes on the heels of the Lead 4 and is a cheaper easier to use model, with what appears to be only one oscillator. It’s basically a dumbed down 2X with some effects.

  • Rob

    Moog and Elektrons releases are the most exciting new hardware instrument releases, at least to me.

  • Rob

    I wonder if the sub 37 will include an option for stereo output.

  • sor perdida

    I was spared this time from the (yet) non-existent Aira. Beatport has already deemed it the best in show…

  • Iamgo

    Urghh! I wish I was there! The whole musical blogosphere is talking about NAMM

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