Native Instruments release video series exploring the role of ‘sonic hooks’ in dance music.

Software giants Native Instruments have released a series of videos from their Sonic Hooks sessions, promising to help you explore the lineage of sonic hooks and learn how to craft your signature sound.

Over the course of seven videos from the tutorials and lectures, Sonic Hooks explores topics including sampling, sample slicing and sound layering, with a focus on Maschine and Komplete.

Highlights from the artist sessions include Kabuki dissecting his track ‘Black Magic’, a conversation with Kimbra and Brenmar, and a round table discussion featuring Fatima Al Qadiri, Lotic and WIFE.

Check out journalist Philip Sherburne’s introduction video above, some of our highlights of the series below and the full Sonic Hooks microsite here.

29th April, 2016

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