This week’s top mixes include Bicep Lifting You Up, 2-step and 4×4 with El-B, Kindness saying “Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” and Kowton bringing unreleased heat.

Bicep Lift You Up. Following the release of their new EP Dahlia – a collaboration with fellow producer and long-time friend Hammer – the London-via-Belfast DJ and production duo behind Feel My Bicep share an uplifting and danceable mix with Truants. Stream and download above, and read the accompanying interview here.

4×4 and 2-step With El-B. Dubstep pioneer El-B drops an exclusive mix of bouncy 4×4 and slinky 2-step for Special Request, in promotion of his upcoming classic 2-step set at their night – October 10th in Dalston – alongside Sticky, Scott Garcia and Guppy Slim. Stream here.

Kindness Says “Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu”. With a mix packed full of 2015 gems and a special remix of Jam City, UK artist and producer for the likes of Kelela and Robyn, Kindness says “Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” (“nice to meet you”) to the city of Tokyo ahead of his tour of Japan. Listen above, and check out an accompanying interview here.

Kowton Bringing Unreleased Heat. One third of Bristol-London techno collective Livity Sound, alongside Peverelist and Asusu, Kowton explains his FACT mix – “music for dancefloors that stands up to repeat listening; rhythmic and repetitive tracks that are heavy but don’t shy away from detail. It’s mostly unreleased and I’ve tried as best possible to piece all these angular sounds together in a way that flows but also gives variation.” Listen above, and download here.

Slackk’s Climate Control Vol 1. The boss of Boxed and “scouser down south” Slackk celebrates Boxed teaming up with Local Action at Corsica Studios with an hour of the kind of cutting-edge UK sounds you’d be likely to hear at the night. Stream and download above, full track listing here.

Jam City’s EARTHLY VI. ‘Love Is Delirious’ is the sixth in Jam City‘s own EARTHLY mix series, dropped ahead of his appearance – October 8th in Shoreditch – alongside BBC AZN Network, Girl Unit, and Kamixlo, at a night put on by Oscillate Wildly to raise money for the refugee crisis. Stream above, download here, more info on the night here.

5th October, 2015

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