The latest in the Volca series is an FM synth inspired by Yamaha’s classic DX series.

Korg have released the first official details of the forthcoming Volca FM. The latest addition to the Volca series is a three-voice, six-operator FM synth which, in Korg’s words, “completely reproduces a classic FM sound engine” – in other words, Yamaha’s iconic DX7.

The basic Volca setup is more than familiar by now, but the FM introduces a few neat new tricks. There’s an arpeggiator added for a start, plus the sequencer has been upgraded with a new Warp Active Step feature and a Pattern Chain option which allows you to create patterns up to 256 steps long.

There’s a surprising level of depth to the editing capabilities, with a few dozen parameters accessed via menus. What’s more, it can even load DX7 patches via SysEx.

Availablility and price are to be confirmed. Check out the video above and some sound demos below. Find out more here.

10th March, 2016


  • can’t WAIT to get this

  • This is awesome, really want it.


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