Black Friday has started early for Eventide as their eleven H9 Series plug-ins are now available for over 70% off when purchased together. 

The New Jersey-based effect gurus have been gradually releasing their H9 effects as individual plug-ins for some time now. It is therefore no surprise that the endgame is a bundle that can perhaps serve as a more affordable gateway into the Eventide universe.  

Many of Eventide’s plug-ins are based on their own legendary hardware like the H910, H949, or the H3000 units. However, recently they have focused on emulating their H9 Harmonizer effects pedal. The H9 itself was also an all-in-one combination of previous Eventide pedals Space, PitchFactor, ModFactor and TimeFactor. The H9 series plug-ins are enhanced versions of these units’ effects. 

The bundle includes four reverbs (Blackhole, Shimmerverb, Spring and MangledVerb), two H3000 pitch shifters (MicroPitch and Crystals), two modulators (Rotary Mod and Undulator) and three creative tools (TriceraChorus, CrushStation and UltraTap). 

In addition to very similar looking knob-based interfaces, the H9 family all have a common set of performance controls. Each of the eleven units contains an assignable ribbon parameter used to morph between two completely different settings of any combination of controls. This parameter is automatically mapped to the mod wheel (MIDI CC 1) and most of the presets come with ribbon ranges set on many of the controls. There is also a Hot Switch allowing for instant jumps between two different settings within a preset. 

Additional performance functionality includes Freeze, Flex and Swirl buttons, found on multiple individual H9 plug-ins. In the below video, Head Snack of Eventide runs through the process of adding effects to a dry track using the new bundle.

In terms of presets, there are many on offer and they have been crafted by a large group of musicians, including DJs and producers like Richard Devine, Matt Lange and Sasha, as well as film music composers and sound designers like Scott Gershin (Nightcrawler, Pacific Rim) and ROCAsound (Iron Man 2, Avengers). 

The H9 Plug-in Series will be available for $299 until January 4th but you can give each plug-in a test drive as every single one currently has a free 30-day demo.

Head to Eventide for more information.

Author Aykan Esen
23rd November, 2020

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