Watch how the new Korg synth is assembled in this official unboxing video.

We know it’s a gimmick, but we can’t resist the appeal of the new Korg MS-20 Kit, a full-scale replica of the 1978 original which is supplied in pieces to be assembled by the owner. This new promo video shows some suited Korg officials unboxing and assembling the synth in just under seven minutes:

The MS-20 Kit should be on sale in March, with an expected street price around £1,100 (or in other words pretty much exactly the same as a good original model).

7th February, 2014

  • Aaron

    Nice to see a company that actually listens to their customers.
    *cough* Roland *cough*

  • Egocent

    I still don’t get why would anybody pay DOUBLE the amount of the Korg MS-20 Mini, which does the very same thing and is 86% of the size ?

    This looks like a plain retarded move from Korg to me. If that is innovation, i’m a fuckin helicopter.

  • Shab

    Egocent there will only be 1000 kits produced, that’s why the cost is so high. From what I’ve heard all of them are sold.

    You are a helicopter

  • Egocent

    still, people who would buy such a thing are either “collectors” or retarded. My 0,02$ 🙂

    I’d buy any day the Korg MS-20 Mini together with a Minibrute or with the Volcas for that amount of money.

  • Meister Cho

    The “suited Korg officials” are the engineers of the original MS20. If anybody should know how to assemble that thing, it should be them. I wonder why they even looked in the manual. I bet it was some Japanese gesture of respect to the guy who wrote it.

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