La Bombe head honcho Sharooz picks an eclectic mix that spans three decades of electronic music.

The first record I ever bought

I had a neat cassette collection by the age of 12, but that was before I got my first record player. Therapy?’s ‘Teethgrinder’ was my first proper vinyl record. It was a purple 7″. I fucking loved that band as a kid. I went to see them play at Belfast Students’ Union and couldn’t hear properly for about a week afterwards. For me this was and still is their finest moment. And their drummer was incredible.

The first time I remember hearing electronic music

It was probably The Future Sound of London. Around 1992. There was a really strong techno and rave culture where I grew up. David Holmes used to throw these huge techno raves at the local arts college and Joey Beltram, Billy Nasty and Dave Angel used to play. It was intense, fast, four to the floor, and FSOL was always a welcome break after hours. ‘Papua New Guinea’ is one of the most important dance records ever made in my opinion.

My favourite ever record

This one’s almost impossible to answer. A good bet would have to be Songs In The Key Of Life by Stevie Wonder. There are so many standout songs on the album and it’s been bookended and referenced for the last 35 years. No one has come close in my opinion.

The best chillout record

It’s got to be Sabres of Paradise – ‘Smokebelch’. It’s almost fucking impossible to see this in the same light because of the ghastly Vodafone ad but for me it defined a genre and transcended everything before it. The 14 minute mix is stunning.

17th August, 2012

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