The last track of the night?

Al: We began closing our sets with this when the Murder Room EP came out last year. I don’t think it was intended as a set-ender, it’s just we couldn’t fit it in anywhere else. Now it doesn’t feel right closing a set without it, and we were thrilled to hear that Damian Lazarus has finished sets with it as well.

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The best chillout record?

Al: Global Communication‘s 76’14, a brilliantly realised album, so warm and calming without ever resorting to cliché. If you’re having a bad day just turn the lights off and stick this one on.

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Paul: Biosphere’s Substrata. In anyone else’s hands, an album of looped drones and field recordings from Tibet would probably be shit, but this is a masterpiece. A record you can truly get lost in.

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The record everyone loves but you hate?

Al: I think I’ve become lost in a narcissistic DJ bubble recently because I have no idea what records everyone else likes! I hate every autotuned R&B track that appears on TV adverts though. Especially that ‘Everybody Wanna Be Famous’ monstrosity. I have no idea what it’s called or who shat it out…

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Paul: *Insert the name of the latest big, super-hyped, sidechained-to-fuck LOUD BANGER / meticulously crafted ‘drop’ with two minutes of boring shite stuck either side of it as an afterthought*

The best record for a family party?

Al: Human League Dare. This was on at a family party recently and managed to get played all the way through with no complaints from anyone of any age.

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The soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Al: Carl Craig – More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art. Laid back enough to lie in the sun, with gorgeous timeless melodies and enough groove so that you’ll nod your head and tap your foot whilst turning the sausages over on the barbecue.

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The worst record you’ve ever heard?

Al: Crazy Frog – “Axel F”. The original by Harold Faltermeyer is one of my favourite tunes ever so to have it done as a cover version by an irritating cartoon ringtone frog hurt a lot. And it got to number one in the UK. Absolute shite.

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The Second City EP is out now on Boys Noize Records.

Check Shadow Dancer out on Facebook, their Twitter accounts (Paul and Al) and SoundCloud.

25th June, 2012

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