The German house maestro fills us in on his favourites, from the Ratpack right through to an African classic from Bunny Mack.

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What’s the first record you ever bought?

This was 1988, the year my family came back from Nigeria to Germany. Michael Jackson’s Bad LP and especially ‘Man In The Mirror’ was a favourite. Somehow I was hooked on MJ like almost everyone. But this tune I was listening to non stop! I was looking at myself in the mirror and literally trying all kinds of moves. My all-time favourite Michael Jackson LP will always be Off The Wall though.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

I was twelve years old. Basketball and more basketball in my head. No girls, not much music, just ball all day long. In this moment one of my good friends in school came up to me and said: “Maaan, look – I stole this tape from my cousin.” Some friends liked it but I wasn’t so convinced. It was a happy breaks/happy hardcore tape on my friend’s Walkman. Must have been 1991. Some years later I liked that stuff as well, like ‘Raving Shoes’ from Ratpack. Gave me goose bumps big time!

Your favourite ever record?

Bunny Mack – ‘Let Me Love You’. It was the perfect mix of disco, soul and Afrobeat. First time I heard it I fell in love. I also think I first heard it in Nigeria, but I’m not totally sure. But I definitely played it at some parties around 2000. I think it’s time to get it out again.

The guilty pleasure?

With my affliction for rap music in the mid 90s, I still listen and love old-skool rap and some new stuff too. 2-step/garage and drum and bass were the bridges to me playing and loving house music. I played Zed Bias ‘Neighbourhood’ so many times in the days when we had parties with 2-step and house mixed up around ’99. I still love this tune, but I think not everyone will share my feelings on this.

23rd July, 2013

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