The best chillout record ?

Rick James – ‘Mary Jane’. I used to listen to a lot of funk and soul and you just can’t sleep on Rick James! ‘Mary Jane’ is a good one to chill to. The melody and of course the lyrics get you into that chilled state of mind. I love Rick’s style, he is so funny. A true showman! If you don’t know his stuff, you will definitely be aware of his hit ‘Superfreak’, sampled by MC Hammer later for ‘Cant Touch This’!

The soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon?

D’Pac – ‘Evrybody’. There are different kinds of lazy Sunday… This track is for a lazy Sunday afternoon after a big Saturday night. It keeps you in that weekend mood with the rhythm and bass but with a cool vibe and relaxed sensation with the pads, the voice and the synth. Just get comfortable on your couch, maybe with a duvet and a pillow, kick back, put on this track, and laze around all day!

The record you’re proudest of?

‘Hunting Back’. Probably the record of mine I listen to the most! I love to put it on while I’m flying. It’s definitely not the most famous track I made, but I’m just happy when I listen to it again! You can find it on my self-titled series, (djebali). It was released on the fourth EP, only on vinyl. The series is now on number 10 and there are also sub-divisions: (djebali) reworks for the remixes, (djebali) presents for the newcomers, and (djebali) extra for the other projects. It’s such a good feeling to have my label outlets grow and evolve into these different strands…


Djebali plays Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza, on September 28th, back to back with John Dimas at The Warehouse, Leeds, on October 3rd and at A Party With Us at Metalworks, London, on October 9th. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

25th September, 2015

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