The last track of the night?

Don Williams – ‘Beyond The Means’. Light at the end of the tunnel…

The best chillout record?

Roman Flugel’s Katalog album under his Eight Miles High alter-ego is one of my favourite chillout albums ever!

Also even though I’m not a baby, this must be one of my favourite ‘chill hypnotise’ albums ever made:

Pure and intense psycho minimalism before techno even had a name. Also anything by Drexciya gets me in the zone.

The record everyone loves but you hate?

Eurythmics – ‘Sweet Dreams’. When people start singing the lyrics, I die a little from the inside.

The best record for a family party?

Livity – ‘We Have A Party’. Livity was a popular Cape Verdean band that always got played at family parties. Maybe that has something to do with my two uncles that were in the band?

The soundtrack to a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Steve Reich – Music For 18 Musicians. What else?

The worst record you’ve ever heard?

‘#SELFIE’. And EDM in general…

The future classic?

Dozzy & Tin Man – ‘Acid Test 07’. Goosebumps today, goosebumps in 10 years from now for sure!


Benny’s ‘The Choice Is Mine’ is out now on Wolfskull Records. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

17th June, 2014

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