From underground Rotterdam radio shows to Cape Verdean party anthems, the Dutchman talks us through his all-time favourites.

benny rodrigues (Krijn van Noordwijk) copy 2

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

The first time electronic music really hit me was through Michel de Hey‘s local radio show Planet E. Instead of the usual commercial radio stations, they would play proper underground stuff such as Dave Angel, Orlando Voorn, Transmat, Kms, Stacey Pullen, etc. As a 13 or 14 year-old kid, I remember being totally hypnotised by these strange frequencies and being obsessed with everything within the electronic music field ever since. This Stacey Pullen track was one of the first tracks that really left me bedazzled and curious for more:

What’s the first record you ever bought?

That must have been something of EC Records. Through Planet E, I truly discovered the power of underground house and techno and became obsessed with it. So therefore I started at the source, buying as many as releases on EC Records and its sub-labels as possible, starting with this one.

Your favourite ever record?

Obviously this is very hard to answer as I have too many favorites, but for now let’s go with Dave Angel – ‘Airborn (Carl Craig Drums Sucks Remix)’ from 1995 or so… Simply because I paid the most money ever ($100?) for this very limited record. It got re-pressed for more reasonable prices afterwards…

The guaranteed floor-filler?

Wbeeza – ‘116’ always does the job! Killer baseline, some snare rolls and heavy filters… What else do you need?

Or something by my dutch Clone troopers such as Gerd, Alden Tyrell and Serge… These guys know how to totally rock a club with style:

And pretty much everything from KiNK works a treat for me and the crowd:

The guilty pleasure?

Pretty much anything from MK, but let’s go for the most obvious one: Nightcrawlers – ‘Push The Feeling On’. I’m a huge sucker for that 90s organ sound. I can’t help myself.

17th June, 2014

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