With a new album of ‘no-wave inspired electronic pop’ out now, the DFA and Perlon affiliate looks back at his all-time favourites.

Archangel (Bruno Pronsato)

What’s the first record you ever bought?

I can’t be 100% but I’m fairly certain is was Devo’s DEV-O LIVE album. My twin brother and I would put on a little show together for my mother when playing it… It’s still an amazing record.

The record you’re proudest of?

To separate myself from that question and answer it as a label owner, I’d say Benoit & Sergio’s ‘What I’ve Lost’ is the one I’m proudest of. When I first met Benjamin Myers (aka Sergio) in DC he gave me the ‘Full Grown Man’ track and I was blown away. So, I asked for another to complete the EP. He told me that they had another one but it probably wouldn’t work for a dance release. Anyway, I asked him to send it anyway, and wow, was it a track! There’s no question that Benoit & Sergio sort of got the whole pop thing going in dance music post minimal. I sort of feel like it was this track the got the momentum going for a lot of people out there now. It was definitely the fact that DFA picked it up from Thesongsays that made it what it is now.

The first time you remember hearing electronic music?

It wasn’t the first time I ever heard an electronic record, but it was definitely the record that made me want to make electronic music. Pantytec’s Pony Slaystation. I love revisiting this record for inspiration.

Your favourite ever record?

This might qualify as a favourite/guilty pleasure, but I would be being dishonest if I chose any other record… Roxy Music’s Avalon is the winner there. It’s the absolute perfect record on so many levels.

3rd June, 2014


  • Avalon surely is one of the most perfect records ever made. Great choices.


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