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The techno producer shows us around his incredible studio, nestled in a forest in the south of Sweden.

Joseph S. Joyce’s ‘Vedanta’ featuring Sebastian’s remixes is out now on Default Position. Listen here. Sebastian plays at The Studio 338 Christmas Special, London, alongside Dinky and Thomas Melchior on Saturday December 6th. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

26th November, 2014

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  • I was going to say this guy’s English is better than my Swedish but actually I think his English is better than my… er… English! Great article. Sebastian, I love your attitude to making music. So inspiring and your studio is amazing. Love the Minilogue stuff. One of the best live acts I’ve ever seen.

  • Siqq meditation rug and incense set-up 🙂

  • Been a fan since the Son Kite days, thanks for your refreshing and spiritual insight. Keep the good vives, you rule!

  • Awesome! Seb and also Marcus have been my favorite artists since I bought their first release back in 99 or 2000. I have been following their journey all these years and am amazed how they always keep developing and innovating. And now since I started producing myself I love how open they are about their creative process and have taken a lot of inspiration from them, on a technical level, but also on the spiritual level. Even though my music sounds a lot different, they have had a big influence on the evolution of my music. If one would ask me which artist I would most like to spend a day in the studio with, it would definitely be one of them (or both :). Thanks for everything guys, I love that new Son Kite album!

  • you didnt give a fuck about that soundboard

  • long live the mamoth hunters !!!!!! can’t wait to see you again at rainbow !!!!

  • mixing board and monitors by itself = roughly $20k

  • Love the studio, but mostly your philosophy and approach to crafting music. I think I will incorporate meditation and immerse myself in nature more. Thanks for sharing.

  • true sharing this one…bip up minilogue!!!

  • Impressive !!!

  • Dear Seb and Marcus,

    You changed my outlook so many times. Your music has inspired me at many points in my life. Lately, when I saw your Ableton movie I changed my whole setup. I copied your setup, and now I am making music better than I ever imagined and I love all the gear so much. It has so much personality and it becomes your friend. I love you two <3

  • I hope Sebastian doesn’t mind but I’m “stealing” the incense, candle and meditation ideas. I just felt like it’s the thing I’m looking for, more than gear, something that keeps me in a place and still lets me wonder through the mean I feel more comfortable with… Music.

  • I love these studio tours. …. I wish there was a magazine that all they did was these studio tours. I would so pay $14 bucks an issue.

  • Didn’t know this guy was in Son Kite. Takes me back to the Psytrance days


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