Moodmusic boss Klas Lindblad – aka Sasse and Freestyle Man – shows us around his incredible Blackhead Studio.

Klas Lindblad’s Wave EP as Freestyle Man is out on April 8th on his own Moodmusic. Find him on Facebook and SoundCloud.

5th April, 2016


  • Only problem with this “studio” article is that there seems to be so much more to talk about in there…

  • Nice one.
    Have a look here for some video insights in his studio –

  • best section ever.
    But I agree that there seems to be much more things to talk about.

  • Totally with Michael, there are so many pieces of kit and ya hear nothing about how he really uses it all. Not asking for a full on interview, but something!

  • silly honest question here…. does anybody know where i can get those black patch cables in the patchbay pick? i need some that length. recommendatons welcome. cheers


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