Reese Bass

Our synthesis expert Marc Adamo demonstrates how to make the classic Reese bass sound in NI Massive.

Originally heard on Kevin Saunderson’s ‘Just Want Another Chance’, the ‘Reese’ bass sound became a staple of jungle when Ray Keith and Gavin Cheung sampled it for ‘Terrorist’ by Renegade. It’s been a mainstay of drum and bass and dubstep for years and it’s still a great way of adding a dirty, aggressive edge to  tracks in just about any other genre. Here’s how it’s done:


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  • Left of Centre Wrote:

    love it! keep em coming!

  • discodancer Wrote:

    really like this vid. better than the sub bass one.

  • yugen Wrote:

    Thanks for the tutorial, and even more so for turning me on to Kevin Saunderson.