Deep House – Stripped Workout

Beat Dissected is a regular series in which we deconstruct drum patterns, showing you how to recreate them in any DAW. Just copy our grid in your own software to recreate the loop.

  • SPEC

  • tempo

  • swing

  • sounds

    classic analogue hits

Step 1

Start by laying down a basic four-to-the-floor kick drum. Use a kick sound with some nice mid-range content (we will lay a lower 808-style kick beneath this later in the process).

Step 2

Next in is the off-beat clap. Something tight, clean and rounded.

Step 3

Now for the hats: this is a standard open hi-hat off-beat pattern with a closed hi-hat adding some shuffle to the groove on the 8th and 16th divisions.

Step 4

Now for the bounce. in the final step select a deep, raw 808 bass drum sample, or even a toned low sine wave. Increase its attack envelope for added bite (or decrease it for a looser, lazier groove). Roll away the highs so that it sits comfortably alongside the kick drum from Step 1.

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  • alex Wrote:

    great pattern to start a track!

  • patrick Wrote:

    Very nice tutorials !

    But there is one point i dont understand at the moment. What do you mean with the swing ? Do you add a 16 Quantize and the turn the quantize to e.g. 55 % ?
    Would be cool if you can answer my question .


  • Attack Wrote:

    Hi Patrick

    Yes, you’re spot on. We use the convention where 50% is straight timing, and we’re referring to 16th-note quantisation.

    We have a big feature about swing coming later this week which should explain all.

  • patrick Wrote:

    Ah okay perfect.
    Nice. Really looking forward to it.

  • Sascha Wrote:

    Why do you guys call a 16th a 15th? Like in the step 3 with the closet hat example. I’ve noticed this in your beat tutorials as well. Just curious. Thanks!

  • Sascha Wrote:

    “I’ve noticed this in your OTHER beat tutorials as well”.

  • Attack Wrote:

    Hi Sascha

    We call them 16ths just like everyone else. There was a typo in step 3, which we’ve now fixed. Sorry about that!


  • KZKV Wrote:

    the audio aren’t streaming somehow.. actually the same goes for a few of the articles.

  • Greg Scarth Wrote:

    Hi KZKV. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. All working fine here in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Are you using an up-to-date version of your browser?

  • Alex Wrote:

    I also have to reload the page twice or thrice to make the audio play :-(
    Safari here on OSX

  • Daniel S Wrote:

    I’ve followed this and cant seem to get the 808 bass line to roll along like it does in the sample. I’ve tried relaxing the attack a little but then it just gets lost and not as punchy. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

  • Marco Gonzalez Wrote:

    attack, what is the software you’re using,
    please let me know

  • Attack Wrote:

    Marco, that’s Ableton Live 8 in the screengrabs.

  • Kai W Wrote:

    Great beat to start a track with, thanks.

  • kevin Wrote:

    hi, i have a question

    if you talk about swing than do you mean a 16th note 50 at 60%

    sorry if it sounds a stupid question.


  • Attack Wrote:

    Hey Kevin

    You’ll find all you need to know here:

    For Beat Dissected we’re always talking about 16th-note swing and we use the convention where 50% is straight timing.

  • Swiss Wrote:

    HI, I know I might be a bit late, but any chance of a link to the samples you used here ?

  • Attack Wrote:

    Sorry Swiss, they’re long gone! More house samples coming soon…

  • John Goldenarm Wrote:

    very nice tut ! 😀

  • vincent Wrote:

    Can we please get the presets to build exactly like the example shown above?

  • Brayan Wrote:

    Nice Beat!

    Regards from Perú.

  • michael Wrote:

    Nice beat!
    I realy like the kickdrum! Can u tell us how you do this, comes these realy original out of a analog machine? Can u tell us witch one
    And do you have do some edits on it? I like to do my own kickdrums but i never get some like this! Sounds a little bit of cuting out of a finished track!
    Thanks a lot!!

  • AJohn Wrote:

    one thing im curious Swing on all the track ? or just the hihats?

  • Jo Wrote:

    Had to write in here as this is wrong, if you load up a standard 909 drum rack and put in those hats in that order it sounds nothing like that! the sound you are getting if using a 909 rack would be the same Hat sample in both to get that shuffle.