Making Music

Ableton's first foray into publishing offers a series of occasionally abstract solutions to some of the common problems faced by electronic musicians. The fundamental creative challenges of making electronic music are broadly…

I Dream Of Wires

The extended cut of this engrossing modular…

Love Is The Message

Nicky Siano's movie about The Gallery is a poignant documentary on one of the most important eras in dance music history. A couple of hours after I sat down to watch…


A new Prince biography offers an obsessively…

The Evolution of Electronic Dance Music
Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession

This beautifully produced coffee table book documents the author's life-long obsession with drum machines, but leaves Greg Scarth wanting more. Joe Mansfield is a hip-hop producer best known for ED…

The Secrets Of Subtractive Synthesis

Synth developer Rob Papen presents a book and DVD set which aims to provide the definitive guide to subtractive synthesis.

Kraftwerk Publikation

A new Kraftwerk biography aims to provide the definitive account of the iconic band's story. But does it misrepresent the group's impact on dance music?

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