2 March 2015 :

Mixes Of The Week: 2/3/15

This week’s top mixes include Secretsundaze dons making some magic, DVA’s Gem City part two, Slimzee’s hardcore roots and Jeremy Underground in Paris.  

Secretsundaze Dons Making Some Magic. The London authorities in charge of 14-year strong label and party Secretsundaze, Giles Smith and James Priestley precede their Australian tour with a mix for Melbourne Deepcast. Stream and download above, track listing and an interview with the artists here.

Kirk Degiorgio live at Fabric. Recorded at last month’s instalment of his Machine event, UK techno institution Kirk Degiorgio offers a typically slick 80-minute techno selection, building from slightly more low-slung grooves to in-your-face bangers.


27 February 2015 :

News Round Up 27/2/15

An ARP Odyssey comparison, secondary ticket market regulation, ruminations on the death of the album, and Apple acquires Camel Audio.

An ARP Odyssey comparison. An HD comparison between the new Korg ARP Odyssey and a mint condition original from 1978, testing the differences in sound of each synth’s key features: oscillators including pulse width modulation, the filter, ring modulator, the VCO sync function and the speed of the envelopes. Watch and listen in the video above.

Fridays to be new global release day. The IFPI has announced Fridays as the chosen global release day in hope of benefitting from higher footfall in shops at the end of the week. The decision means big changes in the UK and the US, and comes based on a large amount of research and consultations with retailers, artists and record labels. Find out more here.

Ticket market regulation to protect buyers. The UK culture secretary backs proposals to make the unwanted gig ticket market more transparent, and to protect fans from fraud. These proposals also aim to counter the issue of professional touts buying tickets in bulk and reselling them at inflated prices, the Guardian reports.

Apple acquires Camel Audio. The update of Camel Audio‘s address to 100 New Bridge Street – Apple’s London address – and the appointment of an Apple lawyer as the company’s sole director appears to confirm speculation that the popular plugin maker has been bought by Apple. More information here.

Live 9.2 in public beta. Ableton Live’s 9.2 update is currently available as a public beta, and a full version is coming soon. The update brings improvements and additions to both Live and Push, including improved warping, latency compensation, a tuner device, a 64-pad drum rack and more. Read the full announcement here.

Image-Line release touch-based groovebox app. FL Studio developers Image-Line release their touch-based groovebox app Groove Machine Mobile on iOS, Android and Windows. It features a 10-pad sample-based drum machine with five polyphonic synth/sampler channels and a performance-oriented workflow. Watch it in action above, and buy at Google, Windows and Apple’s app stores.

The death of the album? Celebrity and pop music newsletter Popbitch examines whether or not the album really is a dying art form as charts begin to include streaming data in their compilation of end-of-week figures, and what this might mean for the album as we know it. Check out their article here.

23 February 2015 :

Mixes Of The Week: 23/2/15

This week’s top mixes include Inkke’s grimey cutting edge, Bjork’s RinseFM takeover, Bambounou celebrating the new, and Around The Globe to Zimbabwe.

Inkke’s Grimey Cutting Edge. Glasgow’s Inkke has recently joined forces with Novelist for ‘Mm Yeah’, while also collaborating with S-Type on ‘Ice’ for LuckyMe. Stream his cutting-edge dancefloor mix for Hyponik, which features a slew of Jersey Club trax and previously unheard material from Murlo, Logos and Slackk. Track listing here.

Tri Angle Records RinseFM Takeover. Björk, Holy Other and Celestial Trax take over Tri Angle Records‘ RinseFM slot with an exclusive Holy Other mix and a mishmash of wide-ranging experimental electronic and dance music that inspired Björk’s latest record, Vulnicura. Stream and download above, track listing here.


20 February 2015 :

News Round Up 20/2/15

A tour of the Erica Synths factory, how the Blurred Lines lawsuit could change music forever and tributes to new romantic pioneer Steve Strange.



Doctor Who Modular Synth Restored. Leslie Craythorn from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music restores a rare synthesiser that had spent decades in storage. The EMS Synthi 100 Modular Synthesiser is identical to the one used by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the 1970s to create sound effects and incidental music for Doctor Who. More on this, plus two picture galleries and a video showing off the machine, here.

Ableton Chat To Modular Guru Dieter Doepfer. Accompanying the release of the virtual modular environment OSCiLLOT, introducer of the Eurorack standard Dieter Doepfer shares his perspective on the rapidly changing modular synth sector, and recalls his own beginnings in a bygone era of do-it-yourself electronics and secret circuit diagrams here.


16 February 2015 :

Mixes Of The Week: 16/2/15

This week’s top mixes include Selected Aphex Works, Ricardo Villalobos at the peak of his powers, Tiga’s Mixed Emotions bonus and exclusive FunkinEvil Jams.

Selected Aphex Works. Long-time Aphex Twin fan DJ Food has dug through the treasure trove of 155 unreleased tracks that were unexpectedly uploaded to an anonymous SoundCloud account for free download recently, starting from his earliest demos through to known live tracks, jungle experiments and beyond. Food has selected his favourites for Solid Steel Radio and seasoned the mix with vintage interview clips of Richard James talking about his music. Stream and download above, track listing here.

Ricardo Villalobos tearing up Fabric. An archive recording of Ricardo Villalobos at Room One in London’s Fabric for the club’s 7th birthday celebration in 2006, where he played a set that perfectly demonstrated his technical prowess. Stream above, full track listing available here.


13 February 2015 :

News Round Up 13/2/15

Carl Craig on Detroit, how Boiler Room works, Jimmy Edgar making modulars sexy, the US Copyright Office considers licensing proposals.

Carl Craig presents Detroit Love. Carl Craig explains what Detroit means to him, and how his and his career developed in a city whose long, fruitful musical history has brought it international love. Watch above.

How Boiler Room Works. Boiler Room deputy editor Gabriel Szatan provides an insight into the platform’s meteoric early rise to international prominence, explaining how it all works and revealing that a recent Attack article led to a change in editorial policy. Read Szatan’s article here and Attack columnist Thomas Cox’s piece on Boiler Room here.

Feature Film on Frankie Knuckles and The Warehouse. A feature film documenting the work of Frankie Knuckles, The Warehouse founder Robert Williams and the early days of house music is scheduled to be shot in Chicago. Titled The Warehouse, it is being produced by Bob Teitel, whose previous films include Men Of Honor and Barbershop. Find out more here. (more…)

9 February 2015 :

Mixes Of The Week: 9/2/15

This week’s top mixes include the off-kilter meditations of Joey Anderson, Will Saul at Studio 80 and strictly 7-inch records with Caribou.

Strictly 7-Inch Records with Caribou. A short but sweet 30-minute selection of exotic 7-inch records from the box of Dan Snaith, aka Caribou, followed by chat with the man himself in the Brownswood Basement for the Gilles Peterson Worldwide radio show. Stream above.


6 February 2015 :

News Round Up 6/2/15

James Holden on modular synthesis, discounts on Ableton courses, the political legacy of Detroit techno, and watch a live KiNK performance.

Moog Model 15 Modular Reborn. Ghostly International artist Patricia, aka Max Ravitz, demonstrates the newly reborn Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesiser, which has been painstakingly recreated using new old stock parts, with original PCB designs and manufacturing processes wherever possible. The Model 15 joins the System 35 and System 55 in a 2015 remake of Moog‘s 1972 Modular system lineup. Watch above.

James Holden on Modular Synthesis. “So many times you hear a preset or a plug-in demo patch on someone’s record, and when I hear that – that person is dead to me. I’ll never listen to their music again because it’s so lame.” Ableton talk to James Holden about how he uses Max for Live, developing his own software, and all things modular here. (more…)

2 February 2015 :

Mixes Of The Week: 2/2/15

This week’s top mixes include Dennis Ferrer and Juan MacLean on BIS, the “creep side” of Dance Mania and a Legowelt set “for mad dealers and freaks”.

Dennis Ferrer & Juan MacLean on BIS. A two-part session on New York City’s Beats in Space, featuring soulful house music veteran Dennis Ferrer and Juan MacLean. Stream above, download and track listings here.


2 February 2015 :

Watch A New Documentary On Kraftwerk

Watch a new documentary on Kraftwerk, exploring the influence of the electronic pioneers.


Were Kraftwerk more influential than the Beatles? In Pop Art, directors Hannes Rossacher and Simon Witter attempt to answer that question. How did this “group of reclusive Rhineland experimentalists” have such a huge impact on the state of modern music?

Pop Art is an engrossing watch, featuring archive interviews, live footage from the group’s February 2013 Tate Modern shows and input from the likes of Derrick May, Francois Kevorkian and Holger Czukay.

Stream the film in its entirety below.

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