3 July 2015 :

News Round Up 2/7/15

Labels sign up to NI’s Stems format, James Holden live on Late Junction, Softube release drum synth and Pepe Bradock discusses ‘Deep Burnt’.


James Holden Live on Late Junction. Joined by Mark Holub on drums and Marcus Hamblett on electric guitar and cornet, James Holden used his modular synth to play a selection of tracks, one of which was based on a work by Ornette Coleman, live on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction show. Between tracks, Holden discussed how the collaboration functions, and how it worked with his Humaniser – a program he designed in MaxMSP to emulate the reactive responses of live musicianship and the inherent imperfections of human rhythm. “Timing becomes more natural,” says Holden. “It doesn’t feel like you’re playing with a robot who’s not listening to you. That’s the idea.” Stream the whole episode here.

Softube’s drum synth Heartbeat released. Heartbeat is an innovative software drum synth inspired by many of the classic Japanese analogue drum machines, with a familiar, yet unique, sound character. It combines modelled analogue synthesis with forward-thinking features, offering eight analogue drum synthesis channels, a fully featured mixer, a four channel Auto Layer Machine for layering sounds or triggering beat patterns, and adapted versions of Softube’s TSAR-1 Reverb and Valley People Dyna-mite plugins included, as well as Filter Echo and output saturation. Heartbeat costs $219 and is available now. More information in the promo video above, and here.

The Year British Dance Music Exploded. Sparked by a second consecutive sunny and idyllic Glastonbury, hedonism exploded in the fields and clubs as British dance music came of age 20 years ago, transforming how Britain thought, listened, partied and came down afterwards. 1995 was the year of Leftfield’s Leftism, Tricky’s Maxinquaye, Goldie’s Inner City Life and Coldcut’s Journeys By DJ. Major musicians and DJs involved, including Paul Hartnoll of Orbital, Neil Barnes of Leftfield, and Karl Hyde of Underworld share their memories of the explosive year with the Guardian here. (more…)

29 June 2015 :

Mixes Of The Week: 29/6/15

This week’s top mixes include Willie Burns Moving On Dekmantel, Hessle Audio Introducing Bruce, Eugene Ward Blowing Up The Workshop, and House Shoes’ Fresh Selections.

Willie Burns Moving On Dekmantel. When he’s not releasing records on the likes of LIES, The Trilogy Tapes and Creme Organization, Brooklyn-based Willie Burns makes absurdist home movies with Legowelt, has his own regular radio show, and runs W.T Records and The Thing record store. His mix for Dekmantel‘s podcast rushes into energetic and abrasive lo-fi rhythms and textures, decorated with sirens and rave stabs, and effortlessly moves between styles from there on. Stream and download above.

Hessle Audio Introducing Bruce. Bruce, aka Larry McCarthy, arrived from Buckinghamshire via Bristol on Hessle Audio and Livity Sound‘s sub-label Dnous Ytivil as one to watch for 2014/15 for his distinctively dancefloor-conscious experimental techno productions. Ahead of his Room One debut next month, Bruce places unreleased and untitled cuts of his own between tracks from Bjørn Torske and Pangaea in this FABRICLIVE x Hessle Audio Mix. Stream and download above, read an interview with the artist here, and full track listing here.


26 June 2015 :

News Round Up 26/6/15

The 10 most used samples in house history, Yamaha’s new Reface synth, the royalty-creating app targeting Spotify, and the oral history of dubstep.

The 10 Most Used Sample Sources. DJ Chris Read presents the top 10 most used sample sources in house history, who sampled them and on which records, for WhoSampled, from iconic disco and acapellas to classics like Indeep – ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’, First Choice – ‘Let No Man Put Asunder’, and Loleatta Holloway – ‘Love Sensation’. He iced the cake with a mix of the 10, which now tops Mixcloud’s disco chart. Steam above, and check out the list here.

Yamaha’s New Reface. Yamaha has released a teaser video for what appears to be their new line of Reface synths. Inspired by some of their classics, such as the popular CS series, the Reface line promises to “bring back memories”. The tagline, “Get ready to create your sound any place, any time”, suggests that the instrument will be portable, and a musician in the teaser comments that the keyboard feels “like a piano player made the keys”. Watch the video above, and find out more here.

Apple royalty dispute resolved. Apple has announced it will be paying labels and publishers royalties for streams during the three-month trial of the recently revealed Apple Music streaming service, in response to criticism of its initial no-royalty policy from independent labels, stars like Taylor Swift (who wrote an open letter to Apple stating “We don’t ask you for free iPhones”) and the Association Of Independent Music, who sent a letter to its members stating it “cannot endorse” the plan. Apple responded with a tweet: “Apple will always make sure that artist are paid. #AppleMusic will pay artist for streaming, even during customer’s free trial period. We hear you @taylorswift13 and indie artists. Love, Apple.” More info here.

Goldie Records Drums With Point Blank Students.  Music production school Point Blank have teamed up with the DnB legend Goldie to give their students the oppertunity to record three drummers simultaneously for an upcoming Goldie project, at Assault and Battery studios in North-West London. Watch above.

A New Beatport Embeddable Music Player. Beatport has announced a new feature of their recently launched streaming service – an embeddable music player that allows consumers and blogs to stream full tracks from Beatport, while still providing rights holders and artists compensation for every stream (although the royalty paid is currently unknown). Beatport is currently the only streaming service that features an embeddable player with full streams of for-sale music. More on that here. (more…)

22 June 2015 :

Mixes Of The Week: 22/6/15

This weeks top mixes include Luke Solomon Live at 212, Derrick Carter In Session, Fresh Internet Sounds via RADIO JACK댄스, and FaltyDL’s Summer Afternoon Delight.

Derrick Carter In Session. The respected American selector – a mainstay of the Chicago scene since the late 80s and founder of the acclaimed Classic Music Company with Luke Solomon – steps up to create an hour and a half of pure classic house magic for Mixmag in an exclusive new In Session episode. Stream above, download and track listing here.

Luke Solomon Live at 212. Meanwhile, Carter’s partner in crime Luke Solomon presents a recording of his live set from the first birthday of Leeds venue 212. “Having played the first party,” Solomon explains, “it was amazing to see how far the club has come – set to be an institution for music that refuses to be governed by names and profile and is purely about music. It’s starting to feel like home – and a place where I will hopefully get to spend some time helping establish what I can see becoming a really important venue.” Stream above.


19 June 2015 :

News Round Up 19/6/15

Synth legends in conversation, Camel Audio’s Alchemy makes an unexpected return, and check out the food at James Murphy’s wine bar.

The Inventors of Synth. At Sweetwater’s Gearfest 2015, a unique seminar and panel discussion with three of the greatest music technology pioneers of the last century: Roger Linn, Dave Smith, and Tom Oberheim. Watch above.

Moog employee stock ownership announced. Last week, the owner and chief executive of Moog Music, Michael Adams, announced to the tight-knit group of loyal staff at the company’s North Carolina factory that he had sold half of the business to the employees themselves. The new employee stock ownership plan was met with a relieved wave of whoops, applause and happy tears, according to those present. Read the New Yorker‘s full story here. (more…)

15 June 2015 :

Mixes Of The Week: 15/6/15

This weeks top mixes include ten hours of Teki Latex, Fabric residents b2b in Japan, Ralph Lawson’s Lost In Timeand Leftwing & Kody.

Teki Latex’s marathon 1-hour set. On his latest live broadcast for Overdrive InfinitySound Pellegrino c0-founder Teki Latex performed a marathon 10-hour set. He explains: “it starts with an exploration of my 90’s and 2000’s rap influences, then goes progressively into ambient weirdness, Another People Place and 80’s + italo classics, then into my usual new/futuristic club meets throwback blends thing “Shorty-Swing-My-Way-into-Truss” style, later on wonderful mini back-to-back sessions with AZF on some straight up warehouse techno vibes, with DJ Orgasmic on a Passinho/Azonto/tropical tip, and with Betty on a UK Funky wave, before the big final hour where Rod Lee meets Katy Perry and Rushmore and DJ Cable meet pianist Gonzales and the theme song to Captain Tsubasa via Squarepusher and a bunch of Grime classics.”  Stream in full above.


12 June 2015 :

News Round Up 12/6/15

Audio Unit plugins on the way for Apple iOS9, Glasgow’s Arches go into administration, and win a super-rare OSCar synth from Novation.

Analogue Solutions Megacity Step Sequencer. Analogue Solutions introduce their new standalone, fully analogue step sequencer, Megacity. The Eurorack-ready unit comes with a host of unique features that set it apart from similar products, including “steps that run down like tears in the rain”, up to 64 steps (or split into 2 x 32 steps), fill-in patterns, portamento, quantisation, and more. Watch the promo video above, and find out more here.

Does club culture have a problem with bigotry? In light of a recent homophobic rant by producer Ten Walls and problematic statements by Boddika and GFOTY, the Guardian asks whether club culture in general has a problem with bigotry, concluding that “clubs are not yet the utopia that the culture aspires towards”. Read the short article here.

Stream with Apple Music. Starting June 30th, Apple will be offering the world three months’ subscription to their new music streaming service Apple Music for free. The premium price will be $10 per month, with a family plan for up to six family members costing $15. The app will be available on both iPhone and Android. According to their announcement, it will focus on 24/7 radio and “connecting fans with artists”. Find out more here.

Win an OSCar Synth! Novation are giving away a genuine, fully restored OSCar synth (one of only 2,000 ever made) to celebrate their legendary synth designer of over five decades, Chris Huggett. The OSCar monosynth is valued at over £5,000 and was used on albums including Stevie Wonder’s Skeletons. For a chance to win, you must have bought any Novation synth before 31st of August this year, then answer a simple question here.

A New Breed of Musical Instrument. Amsterdam-based designers OWOW‘s new breed of musical instruments empower you to make music in a new and intuitive ways. They’ve created five instruments: Wob lets you control sounds by waving your hand up and down, Wiggle shapes your music by rotating your hand around all axes, Drum makes air drumming real, Pads is a credit card-sized drum pad, and Scan turns drawn dots or lines into sounds. Watch their Kickstarter video above, and support the project here.

Going for a song: the hidden history of music piracy. Stephen Witt, author of How Music Got Free, tracks the recent history of music piracy for the Guardian, focusing on illegal filesharing and the story of the infamous Oink website. Read it in full here.

Glasgow’s Arches Go Into Administration. After losing their nightclub license in April 2015, Glasgow’s world-famous not-for-profit arts venue The Arches has now announced via Facebook that it has been “left with no other choice” than to go into administration and would have no choice but to close down the facility. The directors thanked Creative Scotland, Glasgow City Council, staff team, artists and public for 25 years of support. Read their full press release for the full story here.

UVI’s Rare TRON Keyboard-Inspired Energy. UVI has introduced Energy, a virtual instrument delivering the rare and complex sounds of the 32-oscillator digital keyboard Synergy, whose commercial production of less than a thousand units ceased 30 years ago. This obscure synthesiser delivered futuristic sounds far ahead of its time and helped to shape the iconic timbres of the original Tron movie. Features include: authentic sampling, a performance optimised sound engine, and an expanded preset library. Energy’s intro price is $29, check it out above and here for more.

AU Plugins for iOS 9. Among the many iOS and OS X enhancements announced at the keynote speech of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, news of a new Audio Unit “extension point” in iOS 9 is likely to have an impact on music creation as it seems to suggest that AU plugins could be integrated into iOS 9 applications. According to the documentation summary on Apple’s iOS 9.0 page: “The extension point also brings a full audio plug-in model to iOS and lets you sell Audio Units on the App Store.” For more details, check out Sonicstate’s analysis here.

8 June 2015 :

Mixes Of The Week: 8/6/15

This week’s top mixes include Four Tet celebrating his new LP, a summer mix from Oneman, Business as Usual for Luke Solomon, and Andrew Weatherall “sequencing some records together without the joins being too apparent”.

Four Tet’s New LP Celebration. To celebrate the release of his new album Morning/Evening, coming in early July, Boiler Room invited Four Tet to play some of his favourite records. According to Boiler Room’s Raj Chaudhuri, “minutes before he was about to go on – the power cut out for the whole venue leaving everyone in pitch black darkness for 15 minutes. It left the crowd hungry for some dancing when the lights finally came back on, skilfully soundtracked by 90 minutes of pure magic from Mr. Hebden.” Watch above, full track listing here.

A Summer Mix from DJ Oneman. South London’s DJ Oneman provides a preview to his summer club and festival tour – including appearances at Glasgow’s Sub Club, Lovebox and Worldwide Festival – with a mix that features trademark Oneman edits, as well as tracks from Drake, Future and Rihanna, and unreleased material from Champion, Jacques Greene and Four Tet. Stream and download above.

Andrew Weatherall “sequencing some records together”. Andrew Weatherall‘s stellar reputation as a DJ comes from has been formed over the course of a 30-year career, which has so far included high-profile production and remix credits, and the creation of two influential groups signed to Warp Records. This week, he contributes a mix that’s rooted in house and disco to the latest edition of the RA podcast. Stream, download and an interview with the artist here.

Business as Usual for Luke Solomon. Live From The Wash House, DJ Luke Solomon serves as “your slightly odd, slightly off-centre… But ultimately and most importantly, your friendly on-line record shop assistant” selecting both old and new dance music, and following it up with a series of compilations to be released on his label – the Classic Music Company – throughout the year. Stream above, track listing here, buy on iTunes here.

The Future Movements of Glacial Sound. In the eighth Functions Of The Now mix from Truants, the man behind essential modern grime label Glacial Sound – Dubliner Paul Purcell – crafts a companion piece to their fifth release, Sharp Veins’ EP Inbox Island, while hinting at the label’s possible future directions. Stream and download above, track listing here.

Legendary Trumpeter Jon Hassell in the Brownswood Basement. A close collaborator with David Byrne and Brian Eno in the early 1980s, legendary trumpet player and electronic music pioneer Jon Hassell paid a visit to Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Basement last week. During an hour of words and music, Jon discusses his time with Talking Heads as well as with German electronic music composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, and selects some favoured recordings. Stream above.

5 June 2015 :

News Round Up 6/6/15

Test your hearing, listen to unreleased Arthur Russell recordings, music’s gaming influence, and preserving historic audio.

Lunice: Behind the Board. LANDR Music met world-renowned beat maker Lunice at his Montreal studio to discuss his approach to music making, the ‘golden ratio’ for creativity, and how a casual yet obsessive relationship to creativity could be the key to success. Watch above.

Sillerman acquires outstanding SFX shares. EDM tycoon and CEO of SFX Entertainment Robert FX Sillerman has signed a merger agreement whereby he will acquire the 62.2% of outstanding common stock of SFX that he does not already own, which will effectively see the company go private. SFX stockholders will receive $5.25 for each share, in a transaction valued at approximately $774 million. Find out more here.

Unreleased Arthur Russell recordings. Released via the Audika Records label, Corn is a collection of unreleased recordings from much-loved cellist, avant-garde pop composer and producer Arthur Russell. Culled from Russell’s famously prodigious tapes by one of his closest and most devoted listeners, the record contains demo versions and early variations of familiar songs, recorded between 1982 and 83. Listen to it in full here.

Music’s gaming influence. With Hudson Mohawke and Joker as obvious examples, and in light of their recent partnership with the gaming broadcast hub, Boiler Room explores the relationship between gaming and the electronic music, and how mutually beneficial each has been for the other in recent years: “Something about that period of raw technological exhilaration fits hand in glove with the basic principles of electronic music so perfectly.” Read the full piece here. (more…)

4 June 2015 :

Win Future Audio’s Circle2 Synth

Enter our prize draw to win a copy of Future Audio Workshop’s excellent Circle² synth plus a set of patches created by ModeAudio.


So many new synth plugins get released every week – with so many of them being almost indistinguishable from each other – that it’s always a relief when something a little bit different comes along. Future Audio Workshop’s Circle is a refreshing break from the monotony.

Based around a combination of wavetable oscillators and FAW’s unique VPS (“vector phase shaping”) synthesis engine, Circle² quickly became one of our favourite new synth plugins and one of our top recommendations for anyone on the hunt for an intuitive, neatly designed soft synth with a unique sonic character.

We’ve teamed up with FAW to give away three copies of Circle², each of which will also come with an exclusive selection of patches created by ModeAudio.

To enter the prize draw, simply email your name to with “Circle” in the subject. Three winners will be picked at random and notified by email. Entry closes at midnight on June 19th. Standard competition rules apply.

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