15 September 2014 :

Mixes Of The Week: 16/9/14

This week’s top mixes include Silent Servant representing Jealous God, Mumdance eclecticism on RinseFM, Danny Daze’s Motor City Cuts, and a Notorious BIG Ready to Die 20th anniversary mixtape.

Silent Servant Representing Jealous God. Juan Mendez, who came to prominence as a part of Sandwell District and co-founded ambient techno label Jealous God, creates another beacon of brutal yet brooding techno as Silent Servant, delivering a wealth of Jealous God output in the Fabric mix above. Download available here.


12 September 2014 :

News Round Up: 12/9/14

Flying Lotus Q&A, The Story of a Sample, Ibiza’s biggest records of the summer and Octave Minds’ symphonic debut.

Skew and Satirist Eaten Alive. An audiovisual experience and collaboration between Japanese video artist Itaru Yasuda and noise-techno duo Skew & Satirist entitled ‘Eaten Alive’. Skew & Satirist is a collaboration between Max Cooper and Gareth Williams. “We both worked with our own setup simultaneously, feeding the result together into a common mixer… One of the main features of the track is a feedback matrix we created by accident which ran out of control.” Stream above.

Novation Audiohub Revealed. Novation‘s first audio interface, the Audiohub, brings together a compact audio interface, with Focusrite-quality sound inside, and a USB hub. Included are three USB ports, two RCA inputs and two RCA outputs, plus independent level controls and super loud headphone outputs for performing live. Check it out here.

Flying Lotus Q&A. The Brainfeeder boss answers all manner of readers’ questions on The Guardian. Find it here. (more…)

9 September 2014 :

Aphex Twin’s Syro Gear List… Or Is It?

The gear list for Aphex Twin’s forthcoming album Syro has been revealed. But should we trust it?


Users of Muffwiggler and Reddit have spent the last few days analysing and decoding a graphic created by The Designers Republic as part of the package for Aphex Twin’s forthcoming Syro LP. The result is this spreadsheet of all the equipment apparently used on the album, cross-referenced by track. The locations listed are also assumed to be the studios in which each track was recorded.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the tracks with ‘circlon’ in the title might refer to the Sequentix Cirklon sequencer, or that ‘s950tx16wasr10’ makes use of an Akai S950, Yamaha TX16W and Ensoniq ASR10, but how about the rare Rocky Mountain Instruments Harmonic Synthesizer, the Yamaha EX-42 organ or the modified DX100?

But wait. Hold on a minute. Before we get carried away nerding out over the kit list for a load of music we haven’t even heard yet, can we take a moment to question why an artist who’s made a hobby of misleading people and bending the truth when discussing his production methods would suddenly decide to reveal the details of his creative process? Maybe we should take this one with a pinch of salt?

The clues are already out there. According to Creative Review’s blog post on TDR’s artwork for Syro, the gear list is described as a ‘disinfographic’. Given James’s predilection for disinformation in the past, there seems to be a pretty good chance we’re all being taken for a ride again this time around.

This is, after all, the same man who once claimed that he made all his music in the nude and recently told an interviewer that his studio setup consisted of the obscure 1970s computer music system UPIC, a bunch of lame 90s synths such as the Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309, plus “all the Behringer effects that copy other things“.

Check out the full gear list below, but don’t come crying to us if it turns out to be another piece of RDJ misdirection.

A Designs Reddi
A Designs Pacifica
ADT Toolkit x4
Akai S950HXC
AKG Contact Mics
Alice Mixer
Allen Heath Mix Wizard
Allen Organ Spring Reverb
API 3124+
API 550A
API 550A orig
API 550B API 560
API 8200A
ARP 2500
Atari 1040 + Midi Expansions + HXC
Avedis E27
Bode Vocoder
Boss BX16
Boss BX8
Boss GE7
Buzz Audio Arc1.1
Calrec Minimixer
Calrec RQP3200
Casio FZ10 + FZ20M + NXC
Chandler Delay Black
Chandler Delay Cream
Chandler Zoner Limiter
Cirklon Sequencer
Court Acoustics Graphic
Crumar Bit01 White
Cwejman RES4 x3
Cwejman VC06
Disklavier MKIV Pro Custom
DPA 4052
Drawner Stereo Gate Dytronics FS1
Elysia Mpressor
EML 101. modded
EMS 2000 Vocoder
EMT 140 Plate/Stereo/Tube
EMT 240 Gold Foil
EMT 252 FX
EMT 258 x4 Filters
Ensoniq ASR10 Eventide DSP4000
Eventide H3000 DSE
Eventide H949 x4
Focusrite ISA110 Orig x8
Focusrite ISA430
Fulltone Tape Echo
Harrison 32EQ GR500
HAT Mechanical Drums
Helios x2
Intellijel Rubicon
JH ARP Quadra Phaser
JH Storm Tide FLanger x2
JH Tau Phaser
Jomox Sunsyn V1 x2
Kawai K5000R
Klark Teknik DN780
Korg DS8
Korg Minipops7 Midi. sepouts
Korg PS3200
Korg PS3300 x3
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM70
Lynx Aurora 16
Make Noise DPO
Marion PROSynth x2
Meinl Water UDU
Micmix Dynaflanger
Micmix Masteroom 2
Midas Venice Desk
Midimoogs x2
Modular Systems/Eurorack
Moog Memory Lintronics
MIT Ensemble
Mum & Dad Vocals
Musicmaid Claptrap x4
Nagra IV-S
Neotek Elite 64 Channel Custom
Neumann V473 x2
Oberheim OBX, racked
Oberheim Modular SEMs, racked
Orla DSE24
Pearl SC40
Pearl Syncussion, racked/midi/mod x4
Plugins, various
Pultec EQP-1A3
Quad Eight 248 x2
Quantec Room Simulator
Retro Instruments Powerstrip
Rhodes Chroma
RME Fireface800
RMI Harmonic Synth
Roland 101s, modded
Roland CE1
Roland D550
Roland MK550
Roland MK570
Roland R8/ROM(?)
Roland TR606 / 666?, modded
Roland TR808
Sci Prophet VS
Sci Prophet5, racked/keyboard
Sennheiser VSM201
Serge Modular 9-panel
Shure Auxpander
Siemens V78 x2
Simmons SD53(??)
SM Pro PEQ505
Songbird Tri Chorus x2
Sound Devices 772
Soundcraft Ghost
Soundworkshop 262
SSL 4000 Channel Strips x5
SSL X desk
Studio Electronics Code8 Full
Synthoma Elkorus
Synton Syntovox 221 x2
Tantek Flanger/Delay
Tongue Drums
Valley People Gain Brains
Valley People Kepex x10
Yamaha CS80
Yamaha D5000
Yamaha DX100, modded
Yamaha DX11
Yamaha EX42
Yamaha FS1R
Yamaha RX11
Yamaha TX16W x2
Zither AFX-scale

8 September 2014 :

Abayomi On Push

Producer and Ableton product specialist Jesse Abayomi performs his track ‘Chemistry’ using Push and Ableton Live, then talks through his setup for live performance.

Since Ableton released the Push instrument last year it’s been interesting to learn how different producers and performers use it. As one of the most versatile hybrid devices on the market, it’s been fascinating to see the range of different ways people have brought it into their workflow both in the studio and live.


8 September 2014 :

New Stuff On The Way From Korg

New Electribes, a Volca sampler and a fresh Kaoss Pad among the latest offerings from Korg.


September often sees new product announcements from the larger manufacturers, but this year we’ve really been spoiled. Hot on the heels of Roland’s SBX-1 announcement and NI’s Komplete update and Komplete Kontrol keyboards, Korg has announced a host of new additions to its product range.


8 September 2014 :

Mixes Of The Week: 8/9/14

This week’s top mixes include The Breakfast Show with Dego & Theo Parrish, The Black Dog’s Radio Dogma #20, Avalon Emerson’s Beats In Space and Rustie & Jackmaster b2b circa 2005.

Rustie & Jackmaster B2B 2005. 100 minutes of Rustie & Jackmaster, serving as a rough but ready reminder of what they were up to 10 years ago. “Recorded (somewhat inebriated) from vinyl to minidisc via a DJM600 and a couple of 1210s in Hillhead Street, Glasgow, circa 2005, after a night at 69 in Paisley.” Stream and download above.

Avalon Emerson’s Beats In Space. Berlin via San Francisco, and broadcasting live from New York City for the 745th Beats In Space radio show, Avalon Emerson‘s set drifts between American house and European techno while incorporating aspects of rave, 80s pop and Italo. Stream and download above.

The Breakfast Show with Dego & Theo Parrish. Theo Parrish and Dego stepped in to cover Charlie Bones’s weekly Do You breakfast show on NTS, to deliver a stunning three-hour soul, jazz and house selection. Highly recommended. Stream above.

Rub ‘N’ Tug’s Dummy Mix. Thomas Bullock & Eric “Dunks” Duncan aka Rub ‘N’ Tug deliver the latest Dummy Mix. Stream and download above, interview here.

Radio Dogma #20. UK techno staples The Black Dog spin classic techno from institutions like Warp Records alongside brand new tracks from Rustie, Surgeon, GoldFFinch and more in edition #20 of their show Radio Dogma. Stream above, track listing and download here.

5 September 2014 :

News Round Up: 4/9/14

Aphex Twin on new LP, Pioneer to sell DJ equipment business, a manga guitar pedal and a rare interview with Mike Paradinas.

Aphex Twin shares first track from new album. ‘mini pops 67 [120.2][source field mix]‘ from Syro, Aphex Twin‘s first new album release since 2001’s Drukqs, is now available to the general public as a stream – above – and as an instant download via Bleep.

Aphex Twin on New Syro LP. “I’m feeling really horny about it – and very smug.” Richard D. James speaks to Rolling Stone about his decade of unreleased music, drum-playing robots and adjusting to small-town life just outside of Glasgow here.

Pinch: Finding the Balance. “You’ve got to not just bend with the times, but hopefully bend the times.” RA met Tectonic Recordings head and forward-thinking UK producer Pinch recently in Bristol, where he spoke philosophically about his career, discussing his place in dance music, the detribalisation of UK scenes and his ongoing search for the balance between extremes. Read it here. (more…)

2 September 2014 :

New Roland AIRA

Roland to release sync box capable of integrating modern MIDI and USB gear with vintage hardware.


Details have emerged of the fifth unit to feature in Roland’s AIRA line-up. The SBX-1 sync box will allow clock signals to be converted to and from MIDI, USB, DIN and CV/gate, with adjustable swing, programmable CV LFOS and a stable internal clock source for good measure.

We first saw the prototype SBX-1 (then a rather clunky unit labelled ‘SYNC BOX’) at Musikmesse and in a couple of demo videos including the Guy Called Gerald clip below.

The SBX is clearly designed to integrate the modern, USB- and MIDI-equipped AIRA devices with older, pre-MIDI Roland units such as the TR-808, TR-606 and TB-303, but it should find plenty of other applications. Roland built a handful of similar units throughout the 80s and early 90s, with the SBX-10, SBX-80 and SBX-1000 converting between DIN, MIDI and SMPTE.

No official word on price and availability yet, but a few online stores are suggesting the UK RRP will be £319, which is likely to equate to around €400/$500.


2 September 2014 :

NI Announces Komplete 10 & Komplete Kontrol Keyboard

Native Instruments’ forthcoming update to Komplete includes an all-new MIDI controller keyboard designed for smooth integration with all of the instruments in the suite.


As with previous Komplete upgrades, there are tweaks in a variety of areas this time around. The big news on the software side is the introduction of three new Reaktor-based instruments – Rounds, Kontour and Polyplex – and a new multi-sampled piano pack for Kontakt.

Rounds is a sequence synthesiser with dual analogue and digital sound engines. Kontour is a phase modulation synth with motion recording options for modulation. Polyplex is a drum layering instrument with very interesting randomisation options. The Definitive Piano Collection includes huge multi-sample libraries of three pianos, nicknamed the Gentleman, the Grandeur and the Maverick.

But the biggest news of all is the introduction of the Kontrol S keyboard range. Available in 25-, 49- or 61-key variants, the Kontrol S is a controller designed to integrate with Komplete’s options and workflow. Komplete 10 can run through the Komplete Kontrol software shell, unifying the browsing framework across all of the instruments and enabling automatic parameter mapping. All three sizes feature identical feature sets – the only difference is the number of keys.

In addition to the obvious keyboard and rotary control options, the Kontrol S has some really interesting features. The traditional pitch and mod wheels are replaced by two multi-touch ribbon controllers which can be assigned to parameters and offer physics-based modulation options. There are also powerful built-in arp, scale and chord features which combine with the Light Guide system of multi-coloured LEDs above each key to give visual feedback during performance.

We had the opportunity to check out Komplete 10 and the Kontrol S range a couple of weeks ago and we were very impressed with the seamless integration of features. Full review to follow soon.

Komplete 10 and the Komplete Kontrol S series keyboards will go on sale on October 1st. Full specs and prices are available at NI’s site.

1 September 2014 :

Mixes Of The Week: 1/9/14

This week’s top mixes include James Holden’s chaos, Shawn O’Sullivan’s tripped-out acid, and High Class House with George FitzGerald.

James Holden’s chaos. Ahead of his appearance at Unknown festival, techno spiritualist James Holden creates a mix that journeys through the cosmic depths of synth, Krautrock and Dionysian dance music “from current heroes (Zombie Zombie, Beak>) to inspirations/pathfinders from the 4 decades prior” for Dazed. Stream above, track listing here.


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