Zombie Nation

Florian Senfter gives us a guided tour of his Munich studio, showing off his favourite pieces of gear and explaining how he approached making his new album, RGB.

RGB is released on December 10th on Turbo Recordings. Find Zombie Nation on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter.

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  • BigBen Wrote:

    Incredible studio! Love that shot of the octatrack on the pizza box.

  • WLLWS Wrote:


  • Dubluv Wrote:


  • ziggy73 Wrote:

    In the 7th picture that´s a RE-501 (Chorus Echo), not a 201 (Space Echo). Very nice Studio!

  • Jaysan Wrote:

    I thought there might be a C64 in there…..

  • varmint Wrote:

    Good to see someone using windows. I was beginning to think this site was an advertisement for Apple.