The Jaydes

Bloody Mary and Attan show us around their Berlin studio, which features essentials from analogue synths to a rubber chicken named Bobby.

The Jaydes’ self-titled album is out on February 10th on Dame-Music. Find them on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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  • Vitaly Wrote:

    I’m confused. how they were able to mix up the low end of their tracks with such a small speakers with no subwoofer? Do you guys use kind of rental studio for final mixing?

  • mary Wrote:

    Hi Vitaly, yes we made it in our place. No rental studio, we do all here :)

  • Feude Wrote:

    And you don’t mention your cs1x, poor little unloved synth!! :)

  • Ben B Wrote:

    Just saw the cs1x too, have one back in NY. I dig it!

  • Ahmad Wrote:

    lol, you never need a sub to understand what’s happening on the low end if you understand basic mixing. both these artists have so much experience, i doubt they need a sub to understand how the low end is working itself out.

    i rarely see project studios with a subwoofer by the way. most artists just use near field monitors :)

  • designworxs Wrote:

    The Area 89 track is really good.

  • Alex Wrote:

    Please take the stickers off your Apollo already.

  • Eric Wrote:

    In so many studios I see drum machines. How boring is that. Can´t you guys afford a real drummer?

  • Shoulfull Wrote:

    hi guys,
    where can i find th mo stern manufacturer. Do you have any contact?