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Chopstick & Johnjon/SUOL

Chopstick shows us around the SUOL Records studio. Prepare to get very, very jealous.

Chopstick & Johnjon’s Roots EP featuring Signaljacker and the SUOL Summer Daze 2013 compilation are out now on SUOL.

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  • wow Wrote:


  • bossa Wrote:

    Is this guy Donald Trump in disguise?

  • Will Wrote:

    I can’t even afford a pair of Rokits haha. How he afforded all this is beyond me, but either way, this is one fucking beautiful studio.

  • Markus (BR) Wrote:

    Such a nice studio! Beautiful racks and gear.
    All these woods seem so comfortable that I’d like to be there. haha

    Great site, guys!

  • Mahoney Wrote:

    Yeah SOUL is one off the best german Label.
    Nice Artist nice Feeling =)

  • ezequiel Wrote:

    this is PRO stuff.

    I am just wondering, but what is his background?
    did he get everything over the years or is he some kind of rich guy, that has a huge amount of money and a lot of free time?

    they make awesome tunes~

  • audiorant Wrote:


  • Ian Wrote:

    am i the only one thinks the ed templeton skateboard is the best part?

  • Dubluv Wrote:

    Attack Magazine, Do you guys know which wood he used for his 19inch studio racks? I am going to build a custom studio and I would like to know what kind of multiplex that is. It looks good and affordable.. :)

  • filjorgez Wrote:

    this is a great set up for sure, well presented, and no disrespect intended, but I do not think all the kit is the uber expensive original vintage as the descriptions may not go into enough detail, since at least the Pultec EQP-1A’s, and the Revision A 1176’s look to be clones, good ones mind you from proreplicas in Poland, who deserve credit. Again, great set up, looks like a nice place to work.