Bright Bright Machines

Bright Bright Machines’ James Cocozza shows us around the duo’s studio.

Bright Bright Machines’ Doves EP is out now on Gung-Ho! Recordings. Find Bright Bright Machines on Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter.

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  • Date: 3rd May 2013
  • swingout Wrote:

    Great to see the return of My Studio!

  • LeBant Wrote:

    Nice studio :) on the DSI Tetra 4 page there’ s mention of “with the plug-in it’s now integrated into your DAW”…what plug-in might that be? Thanks!

  • Attack Wrote:

    Hi LeBant. We assume they’re talking about the DSI-endorsed Tetr4 editor plugin from SoundTower:

  • Dsand Wrote:

    Playing louder than what the 6a’s can deliver will result in tinnitus, just saying!