Job Envy

Booking Agent – Patci Weil

"A good agent is like an artist's mother: available 24/7, there to cheer them up when it rains and mostly to push them to the next level..." Patci Weil of Wilde Agency…

Andy Peyton – Club Owner

For many music fans, owning a club…

Online Session Guitarist Rob Aitken

You don't need to hire a studio to book a session musician any more. Session players are turning to online services to make the process even easier for their clients. Guitarist…

Sleeve Designer – Optigram

In our regular series examining jobs in…

Vocal Artist Manager

Anna Russell helps pair vocalists with producers...

SoundCloud Content Acquisition Coordinator Sarah Haswell

In the latest of our regular series on jobs around the music industry, we talk to one of the SoundCloud staff members responsible for getting your favourite artists onto the…

Pioneer Product Demonstrator Rob Anderson

"Lows of the job? It's hard to think of any." The resident Pioneer pro speaks to us about locking himself away to get acquainted with prototypes, demonstrating for Andy C…

Photographer – Richard Ecclestone
Lighting Designer – Chris Binks

Fabric resident Chris Binks takes the spotlight.

Game Sound Designer James Magee

Sony Computer Entertainment sound designer James Magee explains what's involved in creating sound for video games.

Diplo/Major Lazer Tour Manager John Ayres

Meet the man responsible for keeping the likes of Diplo and Switch in check as they travel the world. We spoke to him to find out what the job entails…

Will Mills – Shazam

Shazam's Director of Music & Content.

Promoter – John Burgess
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